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Offshore security exercise ‘Prasthan’ organized by Western Naval Command, Navy shows its prowess

Indian Navy News: A Structured Offshore Security Drill to assess the Organizational Effectiveness in Security of Offshore Assets by the Indian Navy was conducted on 11 November 2022 at an ONGC ( ONGC) platform away from Mumbai.

The exercise, codenamed ‘Prasthan’, is conducted twice a year under the aegis of the Western Naval Command. It aims to assess the various measures and protocols envisaged to address the security threats and other contingencies that may arise in offshore oil production platforms.

Practice of these critical situations

According to the information given by the Indian Navy, during the exercise, various crisis situations such as terrorist attack, bomb threat, severe fire, oil spill, explosion, towing a ship and medical evacuation were simulated.

News Reels

Participating agencies like Indian Navy, Indian Air Force, Indian Coast Guard, ONGC, MBPT, Police, Fisheries and Customs activated their emergency procedures to deal with contingencies. The Indian Navy is the lead agency and is entrusted with the responsibility of protecting oil production platforms off the coast of India.

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