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OMG! 22 feet python seen in Keoladeo National Park, width of road also reduced, watch video

Report – Lalitesh Kushwaha

Bharatpur. Keoladeo National Park is called the paradise of birds, but these days it is in discussion not about birds but about the giant python. Recently, a video of a giant python crossing the road is becoming fiercely viral on social media. According to the information, the length of the python is being told as 22 feet.

In a video from Keoladeo National Park, a giant python is seen crossing the road near Forest Lodge at night. When Rajiv Dutt Sharma, a personal employee of Gehlot government’s cabinet minister Vishvendra Singh, was passing through there late at night, he made a video of the python crossing the road from his mobile. After this he shared this video on social media, which is becoming fiercely viral. Experts have given the length of the python as 22 feet.

more than 600 pythons
According to wildlife expert Bishnu Singh, Keoladeo National Park is considered to be the center of the largest rock python. More than 600 numbers of pythons are found here. Whereas the length of python found in Keoladeo National Park is 15 to 25 feet.

At the same time, wildlife expert Subramaniam Bhupathi found during research that most of the country’s rock pythons are found here. Actually, there is plenty of food available for Python in Keoladeo National Park. Also, due to favorable conditions and less risk of predators, it is a favorable place for pythons.

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