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OMG! Grandfather kept granddaughter hostage for 4 years, minor girl made serious allegations, police rescued


At the age of reading and writing, a minor girl became a victim of the oppression of her own people.
In Begusarai, maternal grandfather kept his own granddaughter hostage for four years.

Begusarai, A sensational case of bonded labor has come to light in Begusarai. A person who appears to be a maternal grandfather in a relationship has been making his own minor granddaughter work as a bonded laborer for almost 4 years. It is alleged that even on small mistakes, maternal grandfather has been carrying out the incident of assault with his granddaughter. The case pertains to Sarai Noor Nagar of Bachwara police station area.

The victim’s minor girl alleges that her maternal grandfather and grandmother were not even given enough food. When this information was given to the local administration by the villagers, somehow the local administration freed him from the clutches of the oppressor. At present, the said minor girl has been kept in the Girls Home Begusarai.

what is the whole matter
The victim girl told that her mother and father are residents of Kanhauli under Jhanjharpur police station area of ​​Darbhanga district. Due to poverty, he sent him to Sarai Noor Nagar in Begusarai district to his maternal grandfather Mohammad Sharif Ansari. Along with helping in the work of maternal grandparents, he was also given the responsibility of education. But, the relatives of the minor did not know that their daughter would be tortured there.

The victim girl alleges that for almost 4 years she was forced to work by her maternal grandfather Sharif Ansari and grandmother and was not allowed to read and write. Not only this, the incident of assault with the girl child was also carried out by those people. One day, after getting a chance, the victim girl ran away from Nana’s house and was crying sitting at a place in the village itself, then the eyes of the villagers fell on her and after knowing about the whole matter, the villagers informed the Bachwada police. After this, the Bachwara police, under the leadership of Police Station President Ajit Kumar, freed the girl child from the clutches of the oppressors, and this information was given to the local labor inspector.

However, here also the negligence of the concerned department is coming to the fore. No immediate action was taken by the Labor Inspector regarding the said girl child. At present, the police of Bachwara police station have kept the said girl in the shelter home of Begusarai and are engaged in further process from their side. Now it will be a matter to be seen that till when the labor inspector takes cognizance in this matter and along with providing justice to the girl child, action is taken against the cruel family members.

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