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OMG! Love flourished with the consent of the father, but the lover did not marry the daughter, then the bullet was shot in the head, know the matter

Patna. A strange case of murder in a love affair has come to light in Gobindpur Nonia Tola of Phulwarisharif. Here a young man was shot by his girlfriend’s father and brother. The badly injured so-called lover died during treatment. It is being told that the marriage of the lover with another girl became a cause of displeasure and he had to lose his life.

One such story of a love affair in which the father of the girlfriend shot and killed a man because the young man who had loved his daughter and promised to marry, did not marry. It is alleged that he broke the promise and got married to another girl. The same thing happened to the girlfriend’s father Kanhaiya and together with his son shot the young man near his house.

It is being told that the bullet was shot in the head due to which he was seriously injured. The relatives and villagers got admitted to a private nursing home near AIIMS for better treatment, where the young man died while battling for life and death in the ICU. After getting information about the incident, the Phulwari Sharif police reached the spot and took the father and son into custody, who carried out the incident. Both of them are being questioned.

It is said that Suraj was in love with a girl from the village itself and used to ask her to marry him. When the family members of the girlfriend got this information, when asked the boy, he also talked about getting married. After this the love between the two continued to grow. Seeing this, when the relatives of the deceased Suraj came to know about it, they refused to marry the boy of the village. After this, 15 days ago, Suraj got married somewhere else.

According to the information received, from the day Suraj got married, the family members of the girlfriend started getting angry. They waited for the opportunity. Seeing the opportunity on Thursday night, the father of the girlfriend, along with his son, killed him. However, after shooting the deceased in the head, the local people caught him and handed him over to the police. At present, the Phulwarisharif police has arrested the girlfriend’s father Kanhaiya and his brother and is investigating the matter.

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