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OMG! Man fell from train, then ‘flesh-eating’ bacteria took his life; Learn the matter


Doctors say that this infection is seen in few people.
It enters the delicate organs inside the body through the foreskin
This infection stops the flow of blood, it leads to instant death

Kolkata. Very strange news from Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal. On the night of 29 October, a man died of infection of ‘flesh-eating bacteria’ at RG Kar Medical College Hospital here. Regarding this matter, doctors said that the flesh-eating bacteria is called necrotizing fasciitis in medical language. This type of infection happens to very few people. It occurs under the foreskin and its tissue. If it is not detected on time and treatment is not started early, then it immediately takes the life of a person.

According to the news published in the Times of India, the name of the 44-year-old deceased was Mrmoy Roy. He was a resident of Madhyamgram. A few days back he had fallen from the train. Because of this, the iron road had rubbed against his lower part and he was injured. For the first one week, he was treated at the local nursing home. When his condition started getting critical, he was admitted to RGKMCH Trauma Center on 23 October.

Infection had reached the delicate part of the body
Dr Himanshu Roy, who treated Mrmoy, said, ‘The patient’s condition was very critical. Poison was spread all over his body. We immediately admitted him to the Surgery Intensive Care Unit (SICU) without delay. His treatment was started here by keeping him on a ventilator. During the treatment, the doctors confirmed that necrotizing fasciitis was present in the patient’s body. By then the infection had eaten the lower part of the patient’s body and the delicate part.

patient’s life could not be saved
Himanshu told that the flesh-eating bacteria had infected the patient’s body tremendously and his condition had become critical. The bacteria had entered his delicate tissue through the foreskin. An attempt was made to give the patient a large amount of antibiotics and other medicines, but he could not survive.

These bacteria stop the flow of blood
Doctors told that the flesh-eating bacteria attack the blood cells first. This stops the flow of blood and does not reach the tissue. After this the flow of blood in the whole body stops. Since, Mrmoy also had a habit of drinking alcohol. Because of this, his immunity was also low.

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