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OMG! Sandhya Mishra of Bhagalpur worshiped 121 soups of 62 families alone, know why?

Report: Shivam Singh

Bhagalpur. Chhath, a four-day festival of folk faith, is now about to conclude. On Sunday, fasting women offered Arghya to the setting sun at their respective ghat. While humming the songs of Chhathi Maiya on the ghats, Chhath Vratis were seen worshiping. Chhath fasting lady Sandhya Mishra, a resident of Tilkamanjhi Surkhikal Mishra Tola of Bhagalpur district, alone worships 121 soups of 62 families. These soups belonged to more than a dozen relatives living across the country. Many other women were also involved with Sandhya Mishra to decorate those soups with dishes and fruits throughout the day. She says that despite two years of corona and then her own illness, with the blessings of Chhathi Maiya, she has been observing this fast for the last 34 years.

Sandhya Mishra says that she has relatives in many states of the country including Bangalore, Ranchi, Nagpur, Patna, Deoghar. The Chhath of those people does the same. This time 121 soups of 62 such families were for worship. He told that his health had deteriorated during the Corona period. Still did not leave the fast of Chhath festival. At the same time, the operation was also done last year, despite this time also I did Chhath fast. This power comes only with the blessings of Sun God and Chhathi Maiya.

The women of the house help in preparing the dish
It is also a big task to decorate 121 soups of 62 families in the same house with dishes and fruits. In such a situation, many women in and around the house help him in this work. Nidhi Mishra says that thekua and rice laddus are specially prepared as prasad on Chhath festival. It is a festival related to nature. Soup-dala made of green bamboo, earthen stove, mango wood, kabaranga, suthni are such rare things that connect us with nature. Our family is spread all over the country, yet everyone gathers at one place in Chhath festival, the great festival of faith and purity.

First Arghya given to the setting sun
On Sunday evening, devotees offered Arghya to the setting sun at all the Chhath Ghats of the district. During this, the prosperity of the family, the attainment of children and good wishes were made from the sixth Maya. Arghya was offered to the setting sun with milk and Gangajal at all the Ganges Ghats around Bhagalpur, by making pits in ponds, as well as by collecting water on the roofs of many houses. His family members along with thousands of Chhathvratis reached Budhanath Ghat, Pul Ghat, Khedi Ghat, Sakhichand Ghat, Khirni Ghat, Pipli Dham Ghat, Neelkothi Ghat, Musahari Ghat. Chhath songs were being played in every street-mohalla. Elaborate arrangements were made by the administration regarding the security at the ghats. Monitoring was done by installing CCTV cameras at many ghats and square-intersections.

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