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Omicron’s new variant becomes a maze for the immune system! How much risk do you have? understand from experts

Omicron’s sub-lineage XBB infection is spreading in many countries. This variant, which was caught from Singapore, has been found in more than 9 states of India. It is a hybrid of Omicron’s BA.2.75 and BJ.1 sub-variants. According to experts, the new variant is more adept at tricking the immune system than the earlier variants. Its spike protein has seven mutations. As a result, it takes longer for the immune system to identify the XBB variant. It can easily enter the body by deceiving the immune cells and give infection. According to some experts, XBB is the most infectious variant of Kovid. However, the relief is that there are no signs of it becoming that deadly. According to Indian experts, patients of XBB variant are showing mild symptoms.

What are experts saying about XBB?

A consortium of 54 labs has been formed in the country for the genomics of SARS-CoV-2, which is called INSACOG. INSACOG has said in the latest statement that the cases of XBB have been received from many states. It also has a sub-lineage with an additional mutation called XBB.1. According to INSACOG, there are no reports of increased disease severity or increased hospitalization rates in cases associated with these variants. This variant is spreading very fast in India. Half of the samples sequenced in the last two weeks are of the XBB variant.

How much threat do Indians face from the new XBB variant?


The Labs panel said that people in India are getting mildly ill due to these variants. No increase in disease severity was observed. INSACOG said that people need not panic, just take precautions. INSACOG said that the SARS-CoV-2 virus is continuously mutating. As a result, new variants may be more infectious and more likely to trick the immune system.

When will the new variants peak? Will the vaccine work?

Some researchers say that the vaccine will not be able to protect against infection with the XBB sub-variant. There are also indications that XBB may increase the incidence of reinfections. The Maharashtra Health Department has warned that the peak of the XBB variant may be seen by mid-November.



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