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On the suspension of 141 MPs, BJP MP Hema Malini said – They ask a lot of questions…

Image Source : PTI
BJP MP Hema Malini

The reason given by BJP MP and actress Hema Malini for the suspension of 141 MPs from the opposition camp is quite surprising. The Congress leader has shared a video of BJP MP from Mathura Hema Malini, in which she is saying that the opposition MPs raised a lot of questions and behaved strangely, hence they were suspended. Hema Malini said that she has done something wrong, that is why she has been suspended.

“There’s nothing wrong with that”

Hema Malini said that everyone should behave according to the rules of Parliament. He did not do this and got suspended. There is nothing wrong in this. This is correct. He said that the only aim of the opposition is to disrupt the Parliament and oppose the Modi government. Justifying the suspension of two-thirds of the opposition MPs, the BJP MP said that the suspension clearly means that they have done something wrong.

What did you say on the opposition alliance?

Sharing this video of Hema Malini, Telangana Congress leader Sama Ram Mohan Reddy said, “Finally a BJP MP has revealed the reason for the suspension of Congress and opposition MPs.” Along with this, Hema Malini also mentioned the meeting of INDIA alliance held on Tuesday. Hema Malini said that her aim is to not allow Parliament to function by any means and to remove the Modi government by any means, for this she is working very hard, but she will not succeed.

Uproar over lapse in security of Lok Sabha

BJP MP Hema Malini’s comments come after 141 MPs from both the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha were suspended for the remainder of the winter session. After the uproar in Parliament, suspension action has been taken against the MPs. Opposition MPs were demanding Home Minister Amit Shah’s statement in the House regarding the lapse in security of the Lok Sabha. The Lok Sabha Speaker had said that any security related incident in the House comes under the purview of the Secretariat and he would not allow the Center to interfere.

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