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Only the one whom Shri Krishna calls comes here, PM Modi said in Brajraj Utsav

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PM Modi

Mothra: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a visit to Muthra today, where after visiting Krishnajanmabhoomi, he is participating in the Brajraj Utsav organized on the occasion of Mirabai Jayanti. On this occasion he also released a special postage stamp. While starting his speech, Prime Minister Modi said that this is not an ordinary land, only those people come here whom Shri Krishna calls. PM Modi said – The life of Saint Mirabai, a devoted devotee of Lord Shri Krishna, is an inspiration for all of us. It is a privilege for me to participate in the celebration of the 525th birth anniversary of Saint Mirabai at the holy land of Mathura.

Mirabai had a different relationship with Gujarat

PM Modi said that Lord Krishna and Mirabai had a unique relationship with Gujarat. Kanha of Mathura became Dwarkadhish only after going to Gujarat… Devotion to Meera is not complete without Vrindavan. PM Modi said that women in our country have taken up responsibilities and also guided the society. Mirabai was born in the brave land of Rajasthan.

It is a celebration of the entire culture – PM Modi

PM Modi said that Mirabai’s 525th birth anniversary is a celebration of the entire culture of India. This is a celebration of India’s love tradition. This festival is also a celebration of the idea of ​​individuation between Nar and Narayan, Jiva and Shiva, devotee and God.

country that worships women power

India has always been a country that worships women power. In our country, women have always taken responsibilities and have continuously guided the society. Mirabhai ji has been a shining example of this. Mirabai has been one of the greatest social reformers and pioneers.

Braj did not get importance after independence

At the end of his address, PM Modi said that after independence, the Braj region was kept away from development. The day is not far when God will be seen in full divinity in Braj region. He also mentioned the Ram temple in Ayodhya and said that its date has also come.

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