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Opinion: Modi government’s Kashi Tamil Sangamam scheme will connect north with south delsp – News18 Hindi

Sharad Pandit

nore Delhi. To connect North with South, Modi government is going to organize Kashi-Tamil Sangamam program in Varanasi. The purpose of this is that the people of North and South should be aware of each other’s culture, art, tradition, history and understand each other better. The Ministry of Railways will give subsidy for this scheme, that is, it will make you travel in trains at low fares. In this event, 2500 delegates from different districts of Tamil Nadu will come to Kashi in 12 different groups. These students will promote it in the South by becoming brand ambassadors of UP. Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Narendra Modi) is going here to participate in this event on 19 November.

Varanasi DM S Rajalingam told that about 2500 guests from Tamil Nadu will come to Kashi in 12 groups. These will include teachers, students, scholars, artists, farmers. During this, the civilization and culture of Kashi will be seen there, then the people there will also be directly exposed to the culture here. Those who will be able to visit Kashi Vishwanath Dham, Sarnath, Ghats and various religious, historical places here and will become brand Ambedkar of UP in the South. Will give information about the development model here to our society along with our state.

Railway initiative

Railways have prepared a special plan for the people of Tamil Nadu to visit the religious city of Kashi and nearby religious places. The Ministry will take the students of Tamil Nadu to Kashi city cheaply, that is, they will be given subsidy to visit Kashi. Arrangements will also be made to make these students stay here. So that they can get full time to understand the culture here.

Programs under Amrit Mahotsav of Independence

According to the Ministry of Railways, this initiative is being started under the Amrit Mahotsav of Independence. A special program called Kashi Tamil Sangamam is being run. This program will be run by IIT Madras and BHU. Under this, students from Tamil Nadu will be taken to Kashi by train. There will be a program of Kashi Darshan for three days. Apart from Kashi Baba Vishwanath Dham, students will visit nearby religious places and will be able to know the religious importance of this place.

special facility for students

According to the Ministry of Railways, four coaches will be installed in trains from Tamil Nadu. 70 students will board in a coach. In this way a total of 280 students will come at one go. Here along with religion, you will be able to know the history, yoga, literature, ancient texts etc. of India. This program will run from 17 November to 16 December.

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