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Opinion: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s policies increased the country’s prestige in the world, Modi stunned

Prime Minister Narendra Modi returned to India this morning after his successful three-nation tour. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had gone on a tour of Japan, Papua New Guinea and Australia. PM’s visit to these three countries has proved one thing that India’s sting is ringing in the world. India’s respect is high in the big developed country of the world.

This successful visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi started from Japan. Here Prime Minister Narendra Modi met the G-7 summit and the PM of the Quad countries. Prime Minister Narendra Modi met top world leaders on the sidelines of the G-7 summit in the Japanese city of Hiroshima. Here he met several world leaders, including Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, French President Emmanuel Macron, Japanese counterpart Kishida, South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol and British Premier Rishi Sunak.

Biden became a follower of Modi

But the manner in which US President Joe Biden honored Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Japan, it has become clear from what point of view the big countries of the world are looking at India. The meeting between US President Biden and PM Modi on the sidelines of the Quad Summit showed the warmth that left the world stunned. Both the leaders greeted each other and hugged each other. Joe Biden praised PM Modi fiercely and said that you have a lot of popularity in America. Even Joe Biden told PM Modi that I want your autograph. Joe Biden’s asking for PM Modi’s autograph shows Modi’s pride in the world.

This is the same Narendra Modi whom America had refused to give visa to come to his country, today the situation is that not only the name of PM is ringing in the world, but the big countries of the world are following the policies of PM. Are getting followers.

PM Modi’s respect and his growing stature can be gauged from the fact that during the Quad conference, there was an occasion when US President Biden complained about PM Modi’s popularity in America. In fact, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Biden and Albanese were together, during this time President Joe Biden came to PM Modi and said that nowadays he is facing a different kind of challenge. During this, Biden told PM Modi, ‘The way your popularity has increased in the world and especially in America, it has created a problem for me as well. The President of America said that next month we have organized a dinner for you in Washington. Everyone wants to come from all over the country. I have run out of tickets. You must be thinking that I am joking, but ask my team. I am getting calls from people whom I had never heard of before. Everyone from film actors to relatives, you are very popular.

This statement of the President of America has many meanings. In the last 9 years, the manner in which PM Modi’s stature has increased in the world, his popularity has increased, this statement of the President of America proves this.

Importance of PM Modi-Zelensky meeting

Another sight of successful foreign policy of PM Modi and India was witnessed during his visit to Japan. After the Russia and Ukraine war, the way the world is seen in two factions. India’s stand on this issue has left a different mark in the world. PM Modi had bilateral talks with Ukrainian President Zelensky during his visit to Japan. Zelensky, meanwhile, invited the PM to join the Ukrainian Peace Formula initiative and also thanked India for supporting Ukraine’s integrity and sovereignty.

History made in Papua New Guinea

Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached Papua New Guinea after a successful visit to Japan, but what happened there was recorded in the pages of history. As soon as PM landed from his plane in Papua New Guinea, the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea welcomed the Indian Prime Minister by breaking protocol and touching the feet of Prime Minister Modi. Indeed it was such a proud moment for the country which can never be forgotten. This has never happened not only in Indian history but also in world history. This proves that Prime Minister Modi has played a leading role in increasing the pride of the country, which is commendable.

The respect given by the PM of Papua New Guinea is not ordinary, it is extraordinary, it tells that the way the world ignores small and backward countries and which is not being given any priority in the world, how much support it gets from India. Is. The result of this policy of PM Modi is that PM Modi is being seen in the world as the leader of Global South.

It is also necessary to mention here that ever since India got the Presidency of G20, India said that G20 is not only for India but for the entire Global South. Because there are many small and poor countries which do not have any voice of their own. In such a situation, India raised its voice. That’s why India is being hailed all over the world.

Two big international honors in the account of Prime Minister Modi

In this tour itself, two big international honors have also been added to the account of Prime Minister Modi. Which is a great honor for an Indian. Fiji’s PM Sitwani Rabuka has honored PM Modi with his country’s highest honor ‘Companion of the Order of Fiji’. Let me tell you that so far only a few non-Fiji people have received this award. This shows that Fiji has accepted PM Modi as a world leader. Apart from this award, Papua New Guinea has also awarded PM Modi with its highest honor ‘Companion of the Order of Logohu’.

The Prime Minister of Australia called the PM “BOSS”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached Australia in the last stop of three countries. The way Prime Minister Narendra Modi was honored in Australia, the world must have been surprised.

From welcoming Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Australia to his grand show in Sydney, the whole world has seen it. PM addressed the Indian Diaspora in Sydney. Several senior councils were also present along with Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and his cabinet at the event held in Sydney. But the way the slogans of Modi Modi were raised there, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese had to call PM Modi “Boss”. In front of 20,000 Indian diaspora in Sydney, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was called ‘Boss’ by the PM of Australia. During the event, the Australian PM said that he had never seen such a crowd for Bruce Springsteen before at the Kudos Bank Arena. There is more craze for PM Modi than that, so PM Modi is the real boss.

Increased stature of PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s three-nation tour has come to an end but it would not be an exaggeration to say that the acceptance of the Indian Prime Minister on the world stage is continuously increasing. Every nation head of the world wants to meet Prime Minister Modi, wants to listen to him.

(Disclaimer- These are the personal views of the author.)

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