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Opinion: Prime servant Narendra Modi, unprecedented 21 years of service

Exactly 21 years ago today i.e. on 7 October 2001, Narendra Modi took oath as the Chief Minister of Gujarat. After that what happened in the politics of the country for 21 years has become history in itself. On October 4, Narendra Modi was unanimously elected the leader of the BJP Legislature Party. The then Chief Minister Keshubhai Patel was not ready to step down, but the then BJP high command believed that he had not been successful in dealing with the difficult period of earthquake and relief. Therefore, first BJP General Secretary Narendra Modi was made the chairman of the Steering Committee for Relief and Rehabilitation and sent to Gujarat, where he saw the whole untoward incident and the difficulties of the common man closely, knew and was also engaged in resolving them. He was popular as a campaigner, but when the difficult times came, the art of going directly among the public and finding solutions to their problems was liked by the high command and the responsibility of Gujarat CM was handed over to him.

By the way, remind us of an old thing that how an attempt was made to make their path difficult? How come the trumpeters of rebellion against them? How was there an attempt to tarnish his image? How in his first assembly elections he had to leave the seat of his choice and go to Rajkot-2? This seat was also vacated by Vajubhai Vala for CM Modi. The story is very long, instead of going into it, it would be better if we discuss how CM Modi went ahead by taking the direct path of public service amidst all the difficulties and obstacles. These opponents must have realized when his immense popularity as a contender for the post of PM was visible in rallies and road shows, but those who knew closely had seen CM Modi connecting with the public by adding straw to the straw. When he shows his dedication for the first five and a half crore people of Gujarat and now for the 130 crore Indians, there is no alternative visible far and wide. The popularity of this election is that this election after election is increasing.

After assuming the post of Chief Minister, CM Modi started the process of making his entire Babushahi tech-savvy like himself. On the very first day after taking oath, he did video conferencing with 10 district collectors. It happened for the first time that even his swearing-in ceremony of a chief minister had gone live on the web. On 7 October 2022, PM Modi completed 21 years in the electoral politics of Indian democracy. The special thing about these two decades is that the idea of ​​Modi i.e. Idea of ​​Modi has expanded in them. To understand this important journey of 21 years dedicated to the service of 130 crore Indians, it is necessary to know what is Modi magic and how it is setting new scales of success.

Just before the 2022 Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, chilling commuters waited for their trains at a railway station on a frosty midnight in Varanasi, finding it hard to believe what they saw. In fact, PM Modi, who stayed there on his visit to Varanasi, was walking to the station on foot along with Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath at midnight. A man was waiting for the train with his small child in his arms when PM Modi called him to him and joked with that child. PM Modi asked the small child that you do not sleep at night? The same question is also flashing in the minds of the people of the country that when does this PM of ours also sleep? After all, if the programs of the day were attended by the top BJP leaders and Chief Ministers in the Ganga Aarti till late in the evening, then no one would have imagined that the night was still left for the PM. He also had to take stock of the development works done in Varanasi, which would have put the people there in trouble during the day. That’s why set out on foot on the streets of Varanasi at twelve o’clock in the night.

Another thing I remember is that in the year 2014, just before the Lok Sabha elections, I was interviewing him in Ahmedabad, so my first question was that it is not easy to complete my sleep in just 4 hours. Where does he get so much power and energy from? He had given a short answer that when there is concern about getting the rights of the people and the goal of putting the country on the path of development, then even 24 hours a day are less. This dialogue reveals what is the purpose of PM Modi’s entire mission.

Priority to the backward classes of the poor and deprived exploited society
From the very beginning of sitting on the constitutional post, Narendra Modi had geared up to take the benefits of government schemes till the last person standing in the queue. Gas cylinders under Ujjwala scheme, direct money to poor and farmers under Jan Dhan Yojana, pucca houses under PM Awas Yojana, construction of pucca toilets in cities and villages under Swachh Bharat Mission, more than 100 most backward aspirational districts To prepare a development plan, to light an electric bulb in the house of every citizen of the country – the list is endless. The special thing is that schemes are also being announced and are being completed in this tenure. Elected the Dalit President, then by electing the tribal woman for the President, also gave a message to the deprived society of the country and the world. That is why whether it is Dalit or tribal or poor people, their popularity does not seem to be decreasing from anywhere.

Women became PM’s silent voters
Seeing his mother and sisters in the village cooking food on the smokeless stove, PM Modi started the Ujjwala scheme for the health and convenience of women across the country. The scheme of giving free cylinders was so successful that it was considered a game changer in many elections. Accounts of poor women were opened under Jan Dhan Yojana. Raised the slogan of Beti Bachao and Beti Padhao. Liberated minority women from the curse like triple talaq. From the army to government jobs, the participation of women was increased. Till now, closed doors have also been opened for women, so that even 50 percent of the country’s population can participate in the mainstream. That is why after the victory in the Bihar assembly elections, the PM had congratulated his silent voters, then it was clear that he was talking about women voters only.

Direct communication and Mann ki Baat with children
Hardly any Teacher’s Day has passed in 8 years when PM Modi has not interacted with children across the country. His book written on discussion on examination and how to keep stress away in examination was very much liked. The PM knows that these children are the tomorrow of the country, so it is the duty of the government to take them on the right path. The participation of these children in the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan had paid off. If PM Modi gets a chance, he does not lag behind in communicating with the children. PM Modi is one of the first leaders who recognized the power of radio and through Mann Ki Baat forced the people standing on every street and every nook and corner of the country to listen to their words. PM Modi talked about development. Talked about those who did good work in the society, talked about people thinking of doing something new, talked to the public about the schemes of the government. The result was that wherever the TV did not reach, the radio reached there to speak his mind.

army morale high
During the UPA era, Pakistani soldiers had entered the border and beheaded our soldiers and we could not give a befitting reply, but now the commanders on the border do not need to take instructions from Delhi to answer to Pakistan. . Pakistan’s spirits have been battered, so after the Galvan incident, China also had to admit that India now talks eye to eye. Modi government has taken the initiative to meet every requirement of Army, Navy, Airforce and PM Modi himself spends time with soldiers on any border of the country on festivals or new year. The National War Memorial built at India Gate is a witness to the martyrdom of the soldiers who have been martyred for the country since independence. Every name is written there. The flame of Amar Jawan Jyoti has now been merged in the National War Memorial.

Taught Indians all over the world to be proud
Once the Ministry of External Affairs used to live behind such an iron curtain where the common man could not be heard. Far from having to push for Bija, there was a longing even to get a passport. If you got stuck somewhere abroad, then God was the master, but the situation has changed. The task of making passport has been made so easy that the common man does not face any difficulty. If trapped abroad, the help portal of the Ministry of External Affairs will listen to you, otherwise the Modi government itself will come forward to save its people. PM Modi himself does not forget to get acquainted with the Indian community in his foreign tours. Alam is that the confidence of Indians all over the world has increased so much that now they go a step ahead in taking pride in their culture, after all the trust that Modi government is standing with them.

Modi Effect! steel love is melting
The Indian Administrative Service was once considered the steel frame of the British Empire. The British Raj flourished on the basis of these. The British had left, but it took 70 years for this civil service to come out of their legacy. After assuming power in Delhi, PM Modi had said in his speech that in the beginning he was afraid of these officers. He had heard that the officers of Delhi neither come to office on time and even if they come, they do not appear on their seats. The message was clear that those who do the work will go ahead and those who do not want to do are also getting out of the race, but apart from the image of their tough taskmaster, these officers saw another color of PM Modi and that was the elders of the house. of. In Modi 1.0 he started informal meetings with officials. In batches of 100, officers of all levels were invited to the PM’s residence in turn. This was such a forum where the PM used to listen less and listen more. In a meeting, a director-level officer asked that how do they take big decisions in a hurry, then the answer came back that if you do not have any hidden genda and you think that you are on the right track, then there is a delay in taking decisions. Doesn’t seem Now the steel love is melting and the officials have also become convinced of PM Modi’s commitment and information.

In 21 years, such examples are full of examples which prove why Modi’s popularity is increasing continuously. But for the time being, I would like to stop by saying that PM Modi has only one tune that the country has to be changed. For this, public participation is their main goal to make every government program successful. I wrote this series of nostalgia not because I have to praise his work, but because he is the PM of the common man, whose style can say that CM (Common Man) is the PM. It is clear that the secret of his popularity is not hidden in his politics but in his personality.

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