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Opinion: Sometimes Nitish Kumar is forgetting the post and sometimes the question, is this not the effect of RJD’s pressure?

Nitish Kumar News: Has Bihar CM Nitish Kumar started forgetting things now? This discussion has suddenly started in the politics of the state. It is said that if things don’t go well, sometimes intelligence, memory and reasoning power also make a person uncomfortable. Something similar is coming out from the RJD and JDU alliance and the statements of many of their leaders. Due to which such a pressure is being created on the alliance, from where everything seems to be going off the rails. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is also going through a similar uncomfortable process these days. There is a requirement of age behind the House calling itself the Home Minister or forgetting any question, but there is also a reason for the conditions, which are not very appropriate.

When Nitish said – I was the Home Minister

‘The Prime Minister himself. When Nitish Kumar made this claim in the Assembly when I was the Home Minister during the tenure of Atal Bihari Vajpayee, there was silence in the journalist’s gallery. It is a matter of fact that the MLAs of the ruling coalition were thumping the table. Actually, BJP MLA Nitish Mishra was putting the government in the dock on the issue of not giving jobs to the players. Then when Minister Vijendra Yadav did not succeed in answering, the CM stood up.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said, ‘Listen, you are forgetting the matter. When there was the government of respected Atal ji and we were the Home Minister in his government, we had taken the initiative to provide jobs to sportspersons in the Ministry of Home Affairs. Now the question arises that Murli Manohar Joshi and LK Advani were Home Ministers from 1996 to 2004 during Atal ji’s prime ministership. Then which period Nitish Kumar is talking about.

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Forgot to even go to the CM question

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar got so engrossed in the detail of BJP MLA Nitish Mishra’s answer that he even forgot the original question. Then they themselves started asking what was the question? He was later assisted by Finance Minister Vijay Choudhary and the Secretary of the Legislative Assembly and then proceeded to reply.

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What do political experts say

Senior journalist and political expert Arun Pandey considers it a slip of tongue. He said that Nitish Kumar must be trying to say that when he was the Railway Minister, he took the initiative to give jobs to sportspersons by asking Home Minister Advani. Actually, Nitish Kumar is still struggling with the politics of pressure. The alliance has also become uneasy. For Nitish Kumar with a clean image, going to the Grand Alliance is like taking an additional pressure. All this is happening under this pressure. The truth is that he is a human being and mistakes can happen to anyone.

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