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Opinion: What happened that BJP-JD(U) relations got worse in 20 months!


Relations between Bharatiya Janata Party and JDU soured
Both the parties took care in responding, the leaders are silent
Big impact of Speaker Vijay Sinha’s statements seen

What has happened that in 20 months the relationship between BJP and JD(U) has broken down. The commitment with which BJP and Nitish Kumar had joined hands, that warmth gradually turned into strife. JD(U) is an attacker on BJP, but in the last 24 hours, only JD(U) is questioning BJP about the alliance, all the other parties are sitting silent in a way. BJP has told all its narrators that all of you should keep silence. All its leaders have also been instructed by the RJD to remain silent. Firstly, no common agenda was prepared between the two regarding the alliance, which was continuously demanded by the smaller parties.

BJP’s aggressive agenda
Second, the BJP went ahead aggressively with its core agenda, while Nitish Kumar watched helplessly. The youth ministers of BJP kept on widening the gap by making aggressive statements from time to time. With 77 seats, BJP should work within Nitish Kumar, it was not acceptable to the extremist leaders of BJP. The BJP put pressure on its own government regarding population control and promoted it in a way that made Nitish Kumar uncomfortable.

Nitish’s image tarnished by rising crime
In the last few months, the increasing incidents of crime have tainted the image of Nitish Kumar, especially the way the Nitish government has investigated terrorist incidents, questions have been raised on the government, because the Home Department is looked after by Nitish Kumar himself. NIA exposed the conspiracy of involvement of PFI in different districts of the state including Phulwari Sharif of Patna, this sent a message that why Nitish government remained silent about anti-national incidents? Bihar gradually became the sleeper cell of the terrorists and the Bihar Police was sitting on its hands. Although these were not political issues but issues related to the security of the country, yet its political implications had to be extracted. Understand that Nitish Kumar got the mandate to end law and order and jungle raj in Bihar, and that was his biggest capital, which was discounted after the entry of NIA.

What was heard between Speaker Vijay Sinha and CM Nitish
Although this thing has become old, but its echo is still present in the politics of Bihar. A very big reason for the contention was that the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly replied to Nitish in his own language, which may not have been imagined by Nitish Kumar. Vijay Sinha’s statements were taken positively by the BJP cadre, but the relationship between JD(U) and BJP has always been a tumultuous one. Every effort was made by both the parties to make the relationship face to face but the earlier thing did not work out.

BJP ministers are not listened to, its complaint became common
Despite being in the government, all the ministers of BJP remained angry with the government. Apart from Shahnawaz Hussain and Mangal Pandey, Nitish Kumar did not seem very comfortable with any minister. Land Revenue Minister Ramsurat Rai created a ruckus over the transfers when the list of transfers given by him was canceled at the CM’s office. Ramsurat raised questions on the functioning of the government by offering to resign.

Uneasiness in JD(U) due to BJP’s growing influence
BJP is engaged in expanding itself for the last 6 months. In every district, BJP ministers and big leaders are running public relations campaigns. On its part, BJP started preparations for 200 assembly seats, for which no consent was taken from JD(U).
Although after its executive, the BJP talked about contesting the elections in Bihar under the leadership of Nitish Kumar, but the JD (U) raised questions on this announcement.

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