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Osteoarthritis Pain: Is steroid injection correct or hyaluronic acid in relieving knee pain, shocking revelations in research

Osteoarthritis Pain relief injection:Osteoarthritis or knee pain or arthritis is a very painful disease. In osteoarthritis, there is so much pain in the knees that it becomes difficult to bear it. Actually, in osteoarthritis, the cushiony cartilage that supports between the joints wears down, due to which the bones start colliding with each other. In this situation, while doing any work, both the knees start rubbing due to which there is unbearable pain. It becomes difficult to walk in it. Stiffness comes in the knees. Even swelling starts coming out above the knees. Usually, knee pain starts in people above 45, which starts increasing after 50. In people in whom the pain increases more, it means that osteoarthritis has made him its victim. In osteoarthritis, injections of corticosteroids and hyaluronic acid are given to relieve pain. But whether it is effective, there have been two studies regarding this.

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Will the disease worsen
According to Medical News Today, corticosteroid injections stop osteoarthritis pain for 4 to 8 weeks, while hyaluronic acid injections help reduce pain in the long term. But recent studies have raised concerns about corticosteroid injections. A 2017 study found that repeated corticosteroid injections were not as effective as other types of injections. At the same time, osteoarthritis disease went on increasing. Now, two new independent studies also say that corticosteroids worsen knee pain or osteoarthritis.

exercise is better
The new study has been led by Dr. Upasana Bhardwaj of the University of California. He has studied the effects of both types of injections for the last four years. The second study has been led by Azad Darbandi of the Medical School of Chicago. The bottom line of both the studies was that the injection of corticosteroid may reduce the pain for some time but it has no effect in the long run, while it also aggravates the disease. That’s why exercise is the best to get rid of knee pain or osteoarthritis pain. Although the effect of hyaluronic acid was seen to be relatively good in the study, but the study suggested that for osteoarthritis, do the first normal treatment for 3-6 months.

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