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Pak, Musk, Putin, Modi… 3 big news of this week, which made someone happy and broke someone’s heart

New Delhi: The last week of October has been important in many respects. First, in the Cricket T20 World Cup, India defeated its arch-rivals Pakistan in a very exciting match. Second, in the midst of the Ukraine war, Russian President Vladimir Putin has praised India fiercely. The Russian President strongly appreciated India’s neutral foreign policy. Third, Tesla owner Elon Musk bought Twitter after a long struggle. Social media reacted to these news in different ways. These news broke the hearts of some people and made others happy. There was an atmosphere of happiness and sadness on these news.

India’s bumper win in T20 World Cup

On 23 October, a vigorous match was played between India and Pakistan in the T20 World Cup. In this match, India defeated their arch-rival due to the charismatic performance of Virat Kohli. After this victory, while the Indian fans were immersed in celebration, there was tremendous disappointment among the Pakistani audience. After this defeat on social media, Indian fans had fun with the neighboring country. India’s victory was celebrated on Twitter for three-four days. While there was Diwali money in the country on India’s victory, there was an atmosphere of mourning in Pakistan on such a close defeat. Pakistan fans were heartbroken by this close defeat.Putin applauds Indian foreign policy
In the midst of the Ukraine war, India maintained its independent foreign policy under pressure from the entire western world, including the US. Russian President Vladimir Putin praised India’s foreign policy on Friday. Russian President Putin praised PM Modi and called him a true patriot. Putin said that PM Modi is one of those people who have the power to choose an independent foreign policy for the interest of his country. He said that special relations between India and Russia have developed over the decades. There is no remaining issue between the two countries. Russian President Putin said these things at the 19th Annual Meeting of the Valdai Discussion Club in Moscow. He further said, ‘India has made tremendous progress from being a British colony to a modern state. It has made developments that cause respect and admiration for India. Praising PM Modi, he further said, ‘A lot has been done in the last years under the leadership of PM Modi. Naturally he is a patriot. His idea for Make in India matters both economically and morally. While the right-wing factions in India were very happy on this praise of Putin, the opposition camp advocated not to give importance to Putin’s statement. On Twitter, both sides were seen fiercely taunting each other over Putin’s statement.

Elon Musk Twitter News: As soon as he became the owner of Twitter, Elon Musk in action, expelled this ‘Indian’ from the office!

Musk captures Twitter
On Friday, Musk bought Twitter amidst all the trouble. Musk also got in on the action soon after the deal was completed. He fired the company’s Indian-origin CEO Parag Agrawal and two other top executives. Apart from Parag, the company’s policy head Vijaya Gadde and chief financial officer Ned Segal were fired from the company. While some people were heartbroken on this decision of Musk, some people became happy with the garden. It was also discussed on social media that now it is going to be difficult for the people with left wing tendencies while the right wing will dominate. However, whether this will happen or not, only time will tell, but but-but is definitely going on on Twitter.

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