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Pakistan is fanning ‘Khalistan fire’, RK Singh said – ISI has been engaged in this work for decades

Anand Narasimhan
New Delhi. Union Energy Minister RK Singh blamed Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI for pro-Khalistan activities in the country and said that ‘Waris Punjab De’ chief Amritpal Singh and his associates are being helped by Pakistan’s intelligence agency.

In an exclusive interview to News18, RK Singh said, ‘ISI has been involved in this for decades. From his time as a bureaucrat, he has seen how Pakistan has always protected him. Had asked his Pakistani counterparts to hand over the Khalistani hiding in Pakistan, but they never did so.

‘People know the truth of Amritpal Singh’
On the propaganda being spread by elements like Amritpal Singh, the Union Minister said that ‘they have no traction, because the times (now) are different as compared to the 80s. People know the truth.

The Union Minister also warned the parties who are thinking of saving Amritpal Singh for political gains, and said that they should ‘understand that they are playing with fire’. It is dangerous.’

Pro-Khalistan hardliners brought down the national flag from the Indian High Commission in London on March 19 during a protest amid a massive manhunt launched by the Punjab Police last week against Amritpal Singh.

Describing the whole incident as ‘unfortunate’, the Union Minister said that he had raised the issue with the Energy Minister of Britain. He said, ‘It is a sovereign pledge by nations to protect diplomats and diplomatic missions. What happened on friendly soil is unacceptable.

Opinion kept on Rahul Gandhi’s words in London
On the other hand, when asked about Congress MP Rahul Gandhi’s statement regarding Indian democracy at Cambridge University in Britain, RK Singh said that what he has done is unacceptable and he should apologize to the people of the country. The Union Minister insisted, ‘He cannot get away with it. He went to a country that colonized us and asked to interfere in our affairs. He should apologize on this.

He even said that the Congress leader was thrown out of Amethi, after which he went to Wayanad. Along with this, he said that he doubts whether anyone will vote for him in Kerala now. He said, ‘Parties like Congress have no connect with the voter. They have been rejected.

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