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Pakistan is plotting to infiltrate terrorists amid snowfall in Kashmir

Jammu-Kashmir: Along with snowfall in the hilly areas of Jammu and Kashmir, the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI, along with various terrorist organizations operating in Pakistan, has conspired to make Rajouri and Poonch areas of the state a new terror capital.

To implement the conspiracy, the ISI has activated about a dozen launch pads on the LoC adjacent to Rajouri and Poonch. Due to snowfall in the hilly areas of Jammu and Kashmir, almost all the infiltration routes of terrorists in Kashmir were closed. But in order to continue infiltration in Kashmir, the intelligence agency ISI has made this plan in collaboration with various terrorist organizations operating in Pakistan. According to the information received from intelligence agencies, ISI is now in the process of making Rajouri and Poonch the new terror capital of the state.

What is Pakistan’s plan?

At the behest of ISI, various terrorist organizations sitting in Pakistan have become active in about a dozen launch pads on the LoC adjoining Rajouri and Poonch. Gore Gujara, Khui Ratta, Sabjakoti, Somali, Bhimber, Nikiyal, Hazira, Tatta Pani and Dobraj are the main areas adjacent to the LoC. The ISI has shifted the terrorists from various terrorist training camps.

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What do the experts say?

Security experts believe that due to snowfall, it becomes very difficult for terrorists to infiltrate through traditional infiltration routes in Kashmir. Experts say that in such a situation, there is no option left for the terrorists but to infiltrate from Rajouri and Poonch.

Defense expert Captain (Retd) Anil Gaur also believes that by infiltrating terrorists from Rajouri and Poonch, Pakistani intelligence agency ISI can not only easily target Jammu, but the terrorists can easily reach the Kashmir Valley through the mountains here. can.

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