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Pakistani Drone In India: Pakistan is not deterring its nefarious antics, incidents of ammunition coming through drones from across the border doubled

New Delhi: Pakistan, which is facing political crisis and economic crisis, is still not desisting from its nefarious activities. There has been a huge increase in cases of drones being sent from across the border with Pakistan on the western front and in the year 2022, cases of drugs, arms and ammunition being sent through drones have doubled. Pankaj Kumar Singh, Director General of Border Security Force (BSF) gave this information. He said the force has recently set up a state-of-the-art laboratory to study drones at a camp in Delhi and the results have been very encouraging. He said on Saturday that security agencies can also keep an eye on the routes of flying drones from across the border and the locations of people involved in this illegal activity.

“BSF has been facing the threat of drones for a long time… People with nefarious designs are using drones in new ways,” he said. The use of different types of drones is creating problems for us as less information is available about them and they cross the border while flying very fast. The DG said this while briefing the Union Home Secretary Ajay Kumar Bhalla, who was presiding over a program to inaugurate the forensic lab through a webinar session.

Explaining the danger of drones, the DG said that the BSF had detected 79 incidents of drones being flown along the Indo-Pakistan International Border in 2020. Last year their number stood at 109 and this year it has more than doubled to 266. Singh said, ‘Punjab has reported the highest number of 215 cases of drones being taken off… About 22 cases were reported in Jammu.’ He said, ‘The problem is serious. We don’t have a solid solution yet. They (drones) bring narcotics, arms and ammunition, counterfeit currency etc.’

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