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Pakistan’s nefarious conspiracy failed in Jammu, arms and ammunition sent from drones recovered, one terrorist also killed


Police recovered arms and ammunition in Arnia village of Jammu near International Border
Search operation conducted on the basis of interrogation of jailed Pakistani
The terrorist attacked the police during the search, in response he was killed

Jammu and Kashmir. Jammu and Kashmir Police have recovered a huge cache of arms and ammunition in a drone sent by Pakistan at Tof village near the International Border. According to the police, a case was registered on 24 February 2022 at Arnia Police Station regarding the recovery of arms and ammunition by Pakistan Drones. In this, a person from Jammu was made an accused. During interrogation with the police, he revealed that a Pakistani prisoner/handler, Mohammad Ali Hussain alias Qasim, was instrumental in shooting down the drones on behalf of Pakistan and was the main operative of Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) and Al Badr. After this he was produced in the court from jail and later the police took him on remand.

After sustained interrogation, the Pakistani terrorist finally confessed that he had a role in the drop of arms and ammunition from the Pakistani side in Arnia village. The police conducted a search operation at the places mentioned by him in Arnia village. Additional Director General of Police Mukesh Singh said that although no weapon was found at the first place mentioned by him, but arms, ammunition and explosive materials were recovered near Tof village in Falian mandal near the International Border. When a packet that fell from the drone was being opened, the accused attacked the police officer and snatched his service rifle. He also opened fire on the police party and tried to run away.

The accused got injured in retaliatory action. He has been admitted to the Government Medical College Hospital in Jammu. But the terrorist died during treatment. Here, the bomb disposal squad was used to open the packet sent from the drone. After this, one AK-47 rifle, magazine, 40 AK round, one star pistol, pistol round and Chinese grenade were recovered from it. Further investigation is still on.

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