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Pakistan’s new conspiracy, KASHMIR SOLIDARITY DAY will be celebrated on February 5

Tejinder Singh Sodhi

New Delhi. Pakistan is on the verge of poverty, inflation is on the sky and millions of people have nothing to eat. Even in such a situation, Pakistan is not deterring from its antics. He is constantly trying to target India. Another dark truth of Pakistan has come to the fore on the Kashmir issue. He has made a plan to spread fake narrative on the Kashmir issue on social media and has made preparations to celebrate KASHMIR SOLIDARITY DAY on 5th February. Pakistan is also showing activism on social media regarding the Kashmir issue so that the attention of the world is diverted from the economic condition of Pakistan and the crisis faced by millions of people.

If experts are to be believed, another toolkit of Pakistan has been exposed. Pakistan has prepared an elaborate toolkit to spread fake stories and propaganda on social media to celebrate the so-called Kashmir Solidarity Day on 05 February. It has sent promotional material to all Pakistani missions globally (except New Delhi) and the missions have been asked to publish it on their social media handles.

Millions of families are yearning for food due to starvation
Pakistan’s economy has collapsed. It is becoming difficult for the country to recover from this crisis, but this Pakistan is not able to stop itself from Kashmir rhetoric. Actually, Pakistan continues to spend a lot of money on anti-India conspiracies. The people sitting in the government understand that they can remain in power only by opposing India. The government of Pakistan is struggling with economic crisis and it has failed to stop this declining economy.

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