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Pappu Yadav again gave a controversial statement, know for whom he announced a reward of Rs 1 lakh


There is also a demand to give martyr status to Chowkidar Gurudev Paswan and build a memorial for him.
Education Minister of Bihar Government Prof. The murder of a watchman in broad daylight in Chandrashekhar’s village Bhelwa

Madhepura. Once again the bad words of Jan Adhikar Party supremo and former MP Rajesh Ranjan alias Pappu Yadav have come to the fore. He has announced from an open platform to give one lakh rupees to the one who shot the killer of Gurudev Paswan, the watchman of Madhepura. Pappu Yadav reached Bhelwa village of Madhepura late in the evening on Sunday. On the previous day, Marty Chowkidar Gurudev Paswan of Madhepura was shot dead by a criminal. Here he met the relatives of the deceased watchman and gave them financial assistance of 20 thousand rupees.

On this occasion, Pappu Yadav said that due to lack of fear of the police among the criminals, their spirits are getting high. This is the reason why the martyr watchman was murdered in broad daylight. Yadav met the family members of the deceased watchman and consoled them. Along with this, he assured to take full responsibility of his daughter’s marriage. The watchman belonged to Bhelwa village and had fallen victim to his bullet while apprehending a criminal.

Politicians and officials involved in wrong business
The family members of the deceased watchman started crying after meeting Pappu Yadav. The daughter of the deceased watchman also demanded a job, compensation etc. for the family. Pappu Yadav, while talking to the media here, also raised questions on the law and order situation of the state. He said that the cycle of loot, murder, rape is continuing in Bihar. The police-administration is proving to be a complete failure in stopping this. Leaders and officials are getting involved in every wrong business.

20 lakh compensation to the victim’s family
Addressing the villagers from an open platform, he said that all the accused involved in this murder case should be arrested without any delay. Within three months, they should be given capital punishment by running a speedy trial. He has demanded from the government that the victim’s family should get a compensation of 20 lakhs and the watchman should be given martyr status. Along with this, he also demanded a memorial of a watchman in the village and a government job for one of the family members. He said that the criminal should not be given protection to anyone. There will be a mass boycott of them, only then the criminals will leave the crime.

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