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Parking facility will be available soon at Darbhanga airport, bid for parking space for 16 lakhs

Abhinav Kumar

Darbhanga. The problem of parking related to Darbhanga airport will now go away. Because for the provision of temporary parking near Darbhanga airport, the postal process has been completed by the district administration. Now neither there will be a jam-like condition on the roads around the airport nor will the passengers coming from far and wide have the problem of parking here. Earlier, the biggest problem for passengers coming for air travel from far away was that of vehicle parking, which is now almost solved. Passengers will no longer have much problems related to parking.

how many days post

Darbhanga District Magistrate (DM) Rajeev Roshan said that the postal process has been done for the remaining period of the year 2022-23 of Darbhanga airport parking lot i.e. till March 31, 2023.

Let us inform that a total of 19 participants had participated in this post held in Ambedkar Auditorium located in Darbhanga Collectorate. The initial bid was kept at 2 lakh 61 thousand. Seven participants dropped out of the bidding in the second round. In this way, gradually till the 19th round, only three participants were left, and in the 25th round, the third participant Shravan Kumar quit by post. While the bidding continued till the 44th round between Shamse Alam’s father Late Mohammad Abu Zafar, resident of Beriyahi of Kevati block and Shivnandan Yadav’s father Mahendra Prasad of Ranipur Navtolia of Sadar block.

At the same time, in the 45th round, Mohammad Shamse Alam took the responsibility of running the parking space of Darbhanga airport with the prescribed conditions by putting the highest bid of Rs 16 lakh.

Terms and Conditions to be availed

According to the conditions of this postal process, Mohammad Alam will also have to deposit 16 lakh eight percent stamp duty and registration fee. For tempo, car and motorcycle and other vehicles by the district administration, the parking fee will have to be collected as per the prescribed. Along with this, arrangements for drinking water traffic will have to be made at the parking lot. Installation of CCTV will be mandatory. All personnel will have to be in uniform at the parking lot and all other facilities which are written in the inspector will have to be provided.

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