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Patients die during operation in Chandigarh PGI, what is propofol injection which also killed Michael Jackson

Chandigarh: In the last one week, there has been a stir in the PGI, Chandigarh, due to the death of 5 patients. It is being told that all these deaths have happened due to the injection given for sedation during the operation. It is being told that even during the operation, the injection given for sedation is Propofol. It is being suspected that due to this these deaths have taken place. These deaths have once again sparked discussion on the drug that killed the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Shimona Kanwar talks to some anesthesiologists who do not want to be named during the ongoing investigation of the drug that allegedly caused the deaths.

What is propofol?
It is commonly used for injection to help you sleep before and during surgery or other medical procedures. It is an anesthetic drug. It is a non-opioid anesthetic drug that is often misused by doctors in India. However, this country cannot be given to anyone without medical advice. But it is present in the market under different names. The most popular of the 26 brands in the country is Neoroof which is an Indian brand. There are more than hundreds of manufacturers in the country.

Shouldn’t this medicine be in the hospital to prevent such untoward incidents?
This is a medicine given to the hospital. However, it has not been available in PGI for some time and patients are asked to bring it from outside. Last month, this drug of Pfizer was recalled after investigation in the US.

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What can contaminate the medicine?
The drug solution consists of soybean oil, purified fat from egg yolk and glycerol. Therefore any small hole in the medicine can allow bacteria to grow in this medium and contaminate it. The medicine should not be used after 6 hours of opening.

Is this a general fainting?
There are more than 200 such drugs. However, propofol is preferred as it makes the patient fall asleep faster and wakes up faster. Propofol puts people in a semi-conscious, drowsy state. Has a slight hangover and does not cause nausea or vomiting. It is also known as ‘Milk of Amnesia’ as it impairs memory and looks like milk. It can be used in patients above 3 years of age.

Its injection is considered safe and effective as compared to other drugs available in the market. During the COVID pandemic, the US Food and Drug Administration authorized the emergency use of propofol to maintain sedation in people who were 16 years of age or older on ventilators in ICUs.

What can be the cause of death of patients after giving medicine?
Overdose. This is less likely in hospitals like PGI which have been using this drug for many years.

Contaminated after purchase?
It may have been used 6 hours after the seal was opened.

corrupted while making?
The medicine has been recalled to the tricity irrespective of the batch number/lot. Instead, other company’s medicines are being used. The suspected drug belonged to a manufacturer based in Panchkula and has been seized by the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization for analysis.




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