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Patna: If you do not fly in the sky then there is no sorrow, in this restaurant enjoy the food with flight like feeling

Patna. Seeing the airplane flying in the sky, if you are tempted to board it and there is no reason to sit in it, then do not lose heart. Come on the hill road of Agamkuan in Patna, the capital of Bihar. There may not be a plane-airport here, but you will get a plane-like feeling as soon as you enter a restaurant. Magnificent cabin seating, windows in front of the seats with pictures of different cities, luggage storage, washroom gates that open, flight attendants like smart waiters give a proper flight feel.

At the same time, people are liking My First Flight Restaurant in Patna. As soon as you sit here, the flight attendant (waiter) comes to you with a tab. That’s why customers place their desired orders. Everything from order to payment is digital in this restaurant.

80 ‘passengers’ can enjoy delicious dishes together
Since its opening on 30 September 2022, this restaurant has been attracting Patnaites. Flight Restaurant has a unique name, according to which it has also been designed and decorated from inside. Its director Raju Kumar says that he himself has designed this restaurant. The restaurant was converted into a flight by calling artisans from different places. Raju says that in the year 2018, he opened the First Flight theme restaurant in Hajipur. There is a seating capacity of 40 people. While about 80 people can sit in the Patna branch.

Quit IT sector job and started restaurant work
Raju Kumar, the owner of this flight restaurant originally from Munna Chowk, Patna, says that he got a job in the IT sector after completing his MCA. After some time, he opened an office of his own to work independently. Meanwhile, while analyzing the data one day, it was found that there is a good profit in the food sector. After this, he started his work in the food sector and today runs two flight theme restaurants. At the same time, Meena Devi, the mother of the restaurant owner, said that Raju has been a topper in sports and extracurricular activities since childhood. This unique restaurant is also a result of the same creativity.

Special offers are also being given for franchisees
Raju is now also giving the franchisee of his restaurant at a minimum of Rs. Many people have also approached him in this regard till now. If Raju is to be believed, location also matters for the franchisee. If you also want to get any information regarding the franchisee, then you can contact on mobile number 8507568739 or 7992421909.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : December 01, 2022, 14:53 IST

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