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‘People of Gujarat are giving love to AAP, will get good results’, said Arvind Kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal Exclusive Interview: AAP Convenor and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had an exclusive conversation with ABP News. During this, he gave his reaction regarding the Delhi Municipal Elections, Gujarat Assembly Elections. Along with this, he also made a strong attack on the BJP. Arvind Kejriwal said that people are the biggest in democracy. The people of Gujarat are giving love. Getting more love than expected in Gujarat.

He said that Aam Aadmi Party is getting support due to schools and hospitals. The people there are seeing the Delhi model. People are seeing hope in our agenda. He said that my announcements were made fun of in Delhi. In Delhi, I have done all the work in the same budget and the budget is also not in deficit.

“I’m staunchly honest”

Delhi CM said that in Punjab also electricity bill has been made free. After March 1, there will be free electricity in Gujarat. Mud is being forcibly thrown at us. Corrupt people are throwing mud to hide corruption. I say that I am being staunchly honest. No leader dares to say staunchly honest. Accused us, but there is no evidence. People know that Kejriwal is honest.

“The people are with us”

The AAP convener further said that we have come to change the politics of the country. Those who did not talk about school were put in school. Leaders of other parties have started speaking our language. I have forced leaders to talk on issues. I am speaking the language of the people. I talk about education, health, employment. I talk about the people, that’s why the people are with us.

“Good and honest face Ishudan Gadhvi”

Kejriwal further said that I have supported the Common Civil Code. BJP does not want to bring a common civil code. Regarding AAP’s CM candidate in Gujarat, Arvind Kejriwal said that Ishudan Gadhvi is a good and honest face. Used to raise the issues of farmers, unemployed, traders. Ishudan Gadhvi is very famous among the public. He will take Gujarat to the heights. Patidars will not be spared by becoming the face of Ishudan.

“Congress nowhere in the fight”

He said that it is being said that we have played the OTP card in Gujarat. Here O means OBC, T means Tribal and P means Patidar. I would say that we do not do caste politics. Regarding Indranil Rajguru, Kejriwal said that I do not know why he left AAP, I did not reduce the respect of Rajguru. Congress is nowhere in the fight in Gujarat. Don’t waste your vote by voting for Congress. Your government is being formed in Gujarat and you alone can defeat BJP. AAP has come to Delhi thrice by destroying BJP. Congress did not give employment anywhere.

What did Kejriwal say on the issue of employment?

Arvind Kejriwal said that my focus is not to give unemployment allowance. Will create new ways of employment in Gujarat. We are teaching children to do business in Delhi. Why is the Gujarat government in loss without giving freebies? Where is the budget of 2.5 lakh crores going? We will save money by stopping corruption and wasteful expenditure. I want to make every man of this country rich. Regarding education, he said that our effort is to give good education to every child. To call education and health as freebies is an insult to the poor. Providing good education is nation building.

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