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‘People of the villages on the border are the guards of the country, this decade belongs to Uttarakhand’ – PM Modi said in Badrinath

PM Modi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a visit to Uttarakhand today. After offering prayers at Badrinath Dham, PM Modi reached Mana village, adjacent to the India-China border. Here he went to the Saras fair and inquired about the local products. After this he addressed a public meeting in Mana village. He said that when I had come last time under Baba’s order, some words came out of my mouth, those words were not mine, but it had just turned out that this decade would be the decade of Uttarakhand. I am sure that Baba’s blessings will continue on these words.

‘Today I have come to repeat the same resolution’

PM Modi further said, “It is my good fortune, today I have come to repeat the same resolve again with new projects. Today I got a chance to see all of you.” The PM further said that Mana village is known as the last village of India, but like the CM said, now every village on the border has become the first village in the country for me too.

‘Importance of Mana is important’

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The Prime Minister said, today I want to refresh the old memories of Mana village. 25 years ago today, when I used to work as a BJP worker in Uttarakhand, I used to be in the middle of the organization. At that time I had called a meeting of the Uttarakhand BJP Working Committee in Mana. People were angry with me that I had to go this far. I said that the importance of Mana is important. The result of that is that the blessings remain constant today.”

PM Modi said, “Today I enjoyed talking with labor brothers and sisters. They say that we are not worshiping any road building, we are worshiping Baba. Even after 75 years of independence, slavery to our country The chain is tied in such a way that there is a feeling of hatred, inferiority complex about our culture, we all know what happened at the time of construction of Somnath temple after independence.

The PM said that these people did not get tired of praising the places related to their culture abroad, but in India this work was looked down upon. He said that for a long time there was a feeling of hatred for the development of our places of faith. He said that these centers of faith are not just a structure but are like life force for us. He said, “He is such a force for us, who keeps us alive even in the most difficult situations.”

PM Modi mentioned Ease of Living

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that there is another aspect of this reconstruction of places of faith and spirituality which is not discussed as much. This is the aspect of the Ease of Living of the people of the mountain, of the employment of the youth of the mountain. He said, “When rail, road and ropeway reach the mountain, they bring employment with them. When rail-road and ropeway reach the mountain, they also make the life of the mountain easier.”



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