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Person infected with plant in Kolkata, world’s first such case, know what is this disease

New Delhi. In Kolkata, West Bengal, it has come to know about such a disease in which a person got infected from a plant. The name of this disease is killer plant fungal which spreads from plants to humans. This case which came in Kolkata is being told as the first case in the world in itself. According to the information received, the 61-year-old man who had this disease named Killer Plant Fungus is a professional plant micrologist. While working as a micrologist, he spent time doing research on fungi of decaying materials, mushrooms and different plants.

Talking about the symptoms of the disease, there was a change in the voice of the infected patient and he had to face a lot of difficulties in eating. After his health worsened, he was also admitted to a hospital in Kolkata where he was treated. According to the doctors who treated him, the patient was having cough, hoarseness and difficulty in swallowing food for the last 3 months. Because of this, his voice also changed.

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On CT scan, a paratracheal abscess was seen in his neck. After examination, the doctors removed the abscess and sent a sample for testing to the World Health Organisation’s Collaborating Center for Reference and Research on Fungi of Medical Importance. The infected person did not have diabetes, HIV infection, kidney disease or any other chronic disease.

infection caused by which plant
Chondrosterium purpureum is said to be the cause of this first case of its kind of infection from plant to human in the world. This is a fungal plant due to which silver leaf disease occurs in plants. This plant belongs to the rose family. However, till now there was no case of infection in humans due to this plant. This is the first case of a plant fungus causing disease in humans. Researchers say that for the treatment of the infected person, he was given anti-fungal medicines, from which he has completely recovered. After two years of follow-up, he is now completely healthy and no evidence of his re-infection was found.

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