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PFI working with very dangerous intentions in UP, shocking revelations in police interrogation

UP Police Action Against PFI: In the PFI case, the UP Police has received many shocking information during the investigation and interrogation of the accused. Agencies have come to know that PFI was running about two hundred and fifty centers in the name of its or its affiliated organization. Among them, the districts of Lucknow, Barabanki, Bahraich, Azamgarh, Gonda, Muzaffarnagar, Aligarh, Meerut etc. are prominent. This proves that PFI was expanding rapidly with its own dangerous designs.

They also used to give training to make bombs.

It is learned that the members who were involved in PFI were made physically proficient. Various sports competitions were organized for this. Apart from this, methods of making bombs and explosives were also taught immediately. ISIS-related literature and documents have also been recovered from the arrested people, in which there is mention of incidents in Iraq and Syria.

More focus on donations and young students

According to police sources, PFI used to create many categories among Muslims as well. He used to target some Muslim youths only and only for taking donations, so that his organization could be strengthened financially. After this, he used to pay maximum attention to the students who could connect the Muslim youth with the PFI. Muslim youths should go to madrassas and take religious education, it was high on the agenda of PFI. It has also been found in the investigation that the people of PFI used to tell things related to Islam by manipulating according to their agenda so that it could help in running their agenda.

provocative work from youtube channel

Arrested from Lucknow, Ahmed Baig used to run his own YouTube channel named Jikra and he used to make a lot of arguments in it. Hailing himself as a motivational speaker, Baig also used to incite Muslim youth with his jihadi speeches, so that the target could be radicalized easily. After recruiting boys in its Jihadi mission, PFI used to train them in its political wing as well, so that they did not face any difficulty in connecting people.

Help from technical university students also

Sources also said that some students of a technical university in Lucknow were also helping these people so that PFI could spread its agenda on social media as well. During interrogation it has also come to know that PFI used to keep a huge army of lawyers with it. In the last one year, PFI has also filed about twenty writs against UP Police through different channels, out of which 16 writs were against UP STF only.

The goal was to add others even in jail

It has also been revealed in the interrogation that PFI used to train its members to the point that even if they go to jail, they will motivate other prisoners to join PFI there too.

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