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Pfizer’s new oral anti-viral drug panacea for corona patients! Surprising results found, effective in reducing post covid risk


Pfizer’s oral anti-viral drug paxlovid reduces the risk of long-term covid.
Surprising results found when taken immediately after Kovid-19 infection.
Those who took it saw many benefits after Kovid.

New Delhi. A new research has found that if Pfizer’s oral anti-viral drug Paxlovid is taken immediately after Kovid-19 infection, then the risk of long-term Kovid can be reduced. A study published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine on March 23 found that people who took the drug within five days of being diagnosed with COVID-19 had a longer life expectancy than those who did not take it. The risk was seen to be reduced by 26 percent.

In this research, it was found that the drug sold under the name Paxlovid reduced the risk of post-acute death by 47 percent and the risk of hospitalization by 24 percent after Kovid-19. The post Covid-19 condition (PCC), also known as ‘prolonged Covid’, affects many people. Prevention of PCC is a new public health priority. If this medicine is used from time to time, it reduces the risk of PCC. Due to which the possibility of death of people decreases.

Will Pfizer’s new pill stop Kovid-19? How to get and what will be its effect

Research has found that Pfizer’s Paxlovid drug is helpful in reducing the risk of cardiovascular system, blood clotting and other problems, fatigue, liver disease, kidney disease, muscle pain, neurologic system and shortness of breath. . In this research, more than 35,700 people used this oral covid pill, while 246,000 did not take it. Pfizer’s Kovid-19 pill was approved by the US FDA for emergency use in late 2021. Since then millions of Americans have used this medicine. It is expected to get full approval soon.

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