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PHOTOS: Cobra, NSG, Marcos… India’s 5 dangerous commando forces, when they emerge, there is panic among the enemies

Best commando in India: All the countries of the world have their own special commando force. From America to China and Russia also have their own commando force. But do you know about the top 5 special forces of India. India also has such special forces whose commandos are call for the enemy. Their main work is to stop terrorist attacks, save people from hostage situation, perform secret operations, carry out difficult tasks like surgical strikes. Let’s know about the 5 deadliest commando forces of India.


Marcos Commando Force: The most popular and dangerous commando force in the Indian commando force is the Marcos Commando Force. They are also called Navy Seals of India. Although they are prepared for the Indian Navy, but their training is such that they can do all the work of the enemy from the ground to the sky. This force was created in 1987. They are given training to operate all the modern weapons of the world. (Photo Indian Navy)


Cobra Commando (CoBRA Commando): The full name of Cobra Commando Force is Commando Battalion for Resolute Action (CoBRA). This commando force was formed in the year 2008. The training of Cobra Commando Force is of three months. Usually they are given Naxal warfare and gorilla training. It is counted among the best paramilitary force in the world. They are responsible for the security of many important buildings of the country including the Rashtrapati Bhavan to the Parliament. (Photo PTI)


Para SF: Para SF commando force is also called parachute commando. It was built in 1965 during the India-Pakistan war. Talking about training, it is of 9 months. The cadet who passes through the dangerous and deadly training gets the Maroon Barrett. The jawans of this force, along with the deadly contingent of the Dogra Regiment, carried out the surgical strike in Pakistan. (Photo PTI)


NSG Commando Force: Whenever there have been major terrorist attacks in the country, the NSG Commando Force has given a befitting reply to all. Be it 26/11 or Akshardham temple terror attack. The full name of NSG is National Security Guard. It was made in the year 1984. Their training is of 14 months. It works under the Ministry of Home Affairs. They specialize in VIP security, hijacking prevention, bomb detection and other tasks. (Photo PTI)


SPG Commando Force: Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was assassinated in the year 1984, after which this commando force was formed. It was built in the year 1985. Their main job is to protect the Prime Minister. Its jawans are often seen with the Prime Minister in suit-boots. There are many types of weapons inside the suits of these soldiers. If any enemy tries to wander even around the Prime Minister, then understand that his death is certain. (Photo AFP)

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