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PHOTOS: Tribal society shows the mirror to the prosperous and strong class, would not have taken dowry; Don’t give!

Jamui. Dowry has taken the form of demon today. Often times such cases come to the fore, in which daughters are tortured due to dowry. Some even lose their lives. In fact, nowadays people consider dowry as a status symbol in the society, while the tribal society of Jamui district is still far away from the dowry practice while following its tradition. Dowry is neither taken nor given in marriages here. (Photo- KC Kundan)


A law has also been made against the dowry practice. The present Chief Minister of Bihar, Nitish Kumar, is running a social reform campaign against dowry. On the other hand, an initiative of tribal society which has been going on for centuries is no less than the campaign against dowry system. Actually, the people of tribal society neither take nor give dowry. Even if a boy’s parents demanded dowry, then no one there is ready to marry the daughter of the tribal society.


The initiative of the tribal society regarding the anti-dowry campaign is discussed everywhere. The people of tribal society consider dowry as the biggest evil. This is the reason why the people of the tribal society are taking forward the tradition that has been going on for centuries. Jamui district of Bihar where there are forests and mountains and there are dozens of villages which are dominated by tribals. Here, the tradition of not giving or taking dowry in marriages between the tribal society is still present.


Something similar was seen in Taratand village of Khaira block of Jamui district, where a daughter from Purnia got married to a young man from this village. The special thing is that this marriage was also without dowry. Umesh Murmu and bride Rinki Tuddu, the bridegroom of the tribal society tied in the bond of marriage, had clearly said that neither did anyone take nor give dowry here.


The marriage that took place in Taratand village of Khaira block, in which the matter of dowry was removed; It was not far. This is not a new thing, in fact, following the tradition, the people of the tribal society are still away from this ostentation. They neither give dowry in daughter’s marriage nor take dowry in son’s marriage. These people believe that if this happens then how will the daughter of a poor tribal family get married. This tradition is being followed even today to bridge the poverty among the tribal society.


Arjun Murmu, the head of the tribal community, told that in the capacity of the village head, I feel happy to tell that in our society, neither dowry is taken nor given. Adivasi Sanjay Murmu said that we are far away from dowry for the purpose of bridging the gap between rich and poor, there are no cases of harassment or any kind of evil due to dowry in our society. Following the path shown by our ancestors, even today we are far away from the practice of dowry, which gives a pleasant message to the society.


However, in the changing times, if the daughter-in-law happily donates something for the happiness of their daughter, which is different, people do not consider it as dowry. Yes, they tell that even today the sons of tribal society do not ask for a single rupee as dowry in marriage. If noticed, the people of the tribal society living in the forest and backward areas are giving a message to the people by getting away from this social practice. People need to learn this.

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