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Phulwari Sharif Terror Module: Arrested Tahir asks for biryani, roti-sabzi given


Tahir had chatting with 3 people sitting in Pakistan. Two of them were contacted through Facebook.
The agency is yet to decode Tahir’s group chat. However, he has got important information.

Patna. Margub Ahmed alias Tahir, an active member of Ghazwa-e-Hind and was involved in anti-national activities, arrested from Phulwari Sharif in Patna, demanded 4 to 5 meals in 48 hours. He expressed his desire to eat biryani. Although he was given roti and vegetables. Police sources gave this information.

On Thursday, Tahir’s remand period ended and he was produced in the court by Patna Police. After this he has been sent back to Beur Jail. Before the end of the remand, during the 48-hour interrogation, Tahir kept bluffing the officers for most of the time. He tried to turn things around by not answering many questions directly. He kept trying to mislead the investigating agency. According to sources, many times Tahir said that do you think I am an agent of ISI?

check in the right direction

Let us tell you that through groups on WhatsApp and BIP, Tahir has been involved in acts like sedition by joining Ghazwa-e-Hind and Takreeb-e-Lubbek. The agency is yet to decode the group chats done on the BIP app. However, police officials are saying that some important information has been found, which shows that the investigation is going in the right direction.

Chat with people sitting in Pakistan

According to police sources, Tahir demanded food 4 to 5 times in 48 hours. He also expressed his desire to eat biryani. However, only roti and vegetables were provided to him to eat. He has been questioned for several rounds from late Tuesday night till Thursday. Along with the police, the team of NIA, IB and ATS kept questioning him continuously. If sources are to be believed, he had chatted with 3 people sitting in Pakistan. He had contacted 2 of them Pakistanis through Facebook. On Facebook, he used to search many such people who were associated with Islamic countries including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan or Yemen. While doing so, Tahir was connected to many people through Facebook. In the meantime, he had acquired the membership of the group on the BIP app and gradually joined Takrib-e-Lubbek through Ghazwa-e-Hind and other groups. It is worth noting that during the WhatsApp chatting, Ilyas Patel had mentioned that there is no use in favoring AIMIM, now we will directly do jihad in 2023.

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