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Pilibhit: Earning will be done with freedom from the hassle of electricity bill, UP government is giving subsidy with the Center

Report- Srijit Awasthi

Pilibhit, To get rid of the rapidly increasing environmental pollution and to promote solar energy, the Government of India and the Government of Uttar Pradesh have launched the Grid Connected Solar Rooftop Scheme. Under this scheme, subsidy will be provided by the central and state government for installing solar system at home. With this scheme, domestic consumers are expected to get relief from electricity bills coming every month. Read this report for more information related to applying under the scheme.

It is worth noting that after installation of grid connected solar plant, the electricity department will take the power generated from the plant if it is saved after your domestic consumption. After this, you will have to pay the difference between the electricity used by you and the electricity given to the electricity department in the form of a bill.

How to apply?
In fact, to install solar panels under this scheme, first of all, you have to install solar panels on your roof according to your consumption through any one of the vendors listed on the central and state government websites and Will have to put After this, both the subsidies received by the central and state government will be provided to you. To apply under this scheme, you have to go to the website given above and register the application along with the relevant documents.

This document has to be attached
For applying under this scheme, you will have to upload electricity bill, photograph, bank documents and identity card along with your application form on the website given above. For more information related to subsidy and application, you can visit UPNEDA office located at Vikas Bhawan, Pilibhit. You can also contact on 9415609034, 6394081851.

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