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Pilot’s warning on PM Modi’s praise, at what point did politics reach in the midst of confrontation with Gehlot?

Rajasthan Politics: In the politics of Rajasthan, reports of war, counterattack and altercation between Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot are common. There have been many occasions in the past years when both the stalwarts have dominated each other and have heard each other a lot from public forums. Now once again Gehlot and Pilot are seen hitting back at each other.

Actually, the matter is that Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised CM Ashok Gehlot in a program organized in Banswara. Here Ashok Gehlot was praised, on the other hand Sachin Pilot grabbed the opportunity immediately and without wasting time tightened the taunt. Pilot said that it is very interesting that once PM Modi has praised the CM from a public platform. Once PM had praised Ghulam Nabi Azad like this, we all know what happened after that. This is an interesting thing. Should be taken seriously.

Gehlot hit back at the pilot

Now it was Ashok Gehlot’s turn. Gehlot gave his reaction on this reaction of Sachin Pilot. Although no sharp attack was made from his side, but he definitely said that such rhetoric should be avoided. CM Gehlot, who arrived in Alwar to participate in a program, said that the party’s General Secretary Venugopal Rao has given instructions not to make rhetoric. This is the time to fight with the central government on many issues, all the people have to work unitedly so that there is pressure on the central government. He even said that PM Modi has disappointed the people of Rajasthan.

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What did Prime Minister Narendra Modi say about Gehlot?

Prime Minister Modi and Chief Minister Gehlot were present on the same stage during a program organized at Mangarh Dham in Banswara on Tuesday. There Modi praised Gehlot during his speech and said, “Ashok ji and I have worked together as Chief Ministers. He was the senior most Chief Minister among all of us. Here too, he is the senior most among the chief ministers who are present on the stage. Along with this, he also said that Ashok Gehlot has made this deserted area green.

What did CM Ashok Gehlot say about PM Modi?

So at the same time, Ashok Gehlot also left no stone unturned in praising PM Modi. He said that PM Modi gets a lot of respect abroad and he gets it because the country of which he is the Prime Minister is the country of Mahatma Gandhi. The country, where the roots of democracy are strong and deep and even after 70 years where democracy is alive. Gehlot also said that people in other countries take pride thinking that the Prime Minister of such country is coming to our country.

There was a stir on the praises of PM Modi and CM Gehlot

PM Modi and CM Gehlot have created a stir in the political corridors by praising each other, it is evident from the statement of Sachin Pilot. Elections are also going to be held in Rajasthan within a year. The revolt from Gehlot’s Congress was also seen during the election for the post of president and it is being expressed that Ashok Gehlot may not be the chief minister’s face from the Congress side. Questions are being raised whether Gehlot has realized that there is no place left for him in the Congress and is looking for a safe place for his retirement?

However, when what will happen in politics, nothing can be said. Not everything is decided in advance. The thing to note is that the praise given in Banswara was not from one side, it was from both the sides. Now the Congress is also confused as to what it means. Sachin Pilot got a chance and hit a four. The important thing is that Gehlot has praised PM Modi even at a time when elections are on the head in Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat. More than that, Gehlot is also the election observer of the Congress in Gujarat, the responsibility of the election rests with him.

Controversy over the chief minister’s chair in Rajasthan

On which side the camel of Rajasthan politics will sit, only time will tell, but here the tussle for the chief minister’s chair is not over yet. It is being said that the Congress leadership wants to replace Ashok Gehlot and put Sachin Pilot on the CM’s chair, but the Congress, which is trapped in Ashok’s Chakravyuh, is taking every step. Everyone had seen the sight of the rebellion. Apart from all these things, PM Modi does not praise anyone like this. The praise of the opposition leader definitely feeds new flowers in politics. The latest example has been Ghulam Nabi Azad, mentioned by Sachin Pilot. He rebelled against the Congress and formed his new party in Jammu and Kashmir and made the way easy for the BJP.

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