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Pithoragarh: Himalayan ‘herbs’ are available in Sharadotsav, cures everything from stomach ache to jaundice – rare herbal plants health benefits himalayan people sell in shardotsav – News18 Hindi

Report: Himanshu Joshi

Pithoragarh. The hilly areas of Uttarakhand have always been the center of many herbs. Many rare herbs are found in the forests here even today, which have been used since ancient times to stay healthy. Frontier district Pithoragarh, which is an area adjacent to the Himalayas and the people here have also been staying healthy with the help of these herbs for centuries. These herbs found in the forests are now being grown by the people in the fields as well. The villagers have improved their livelihood by producing it on a large scale. While these herbs are available in the Sharadotsav fair.

In order to sell these rare herbs of the Himalayas, farmers have brought them to the Sharadotsav fair, which are being bought fiercely. Kishan Baunal, the herb producer, brought herbs from the Darma region to be sold in the Sharadotsav fair. That he is cultivating these herbs in an organic way, in which Gandaris are used in the treatment of diseases related to stomach pain. Kutki which has been used for centuries in the treatment of fever and jaundice. Baljadi is useful for massaging the head. Along with this, he has brought many herbs including Timur, Jambu to sell in this fair. There is a good sale in Sharadotsav fair. He has also demanded the state government to give free stalls in events like fair to encourage herbal growers.

Let us tell you that herbs are cultivated in Bon village of Darma Valley in the high Himalayan region of Pithoragarh. Because of this, Baun village has also become the first ‘Herbal Village’ of the district. Herb production has emerged as the business of the people here. While giving information, the local resident and former sarpanch Kishan Ram Baunal said that the herbs which our forefathers used to bring from the forests are being cultivated on a large scale today, due to which the village of Baun has got a new identity.

The Darma valley is situated around the Dhauli river, under which 14 villages come. Here traditionally, Jambu, Kutki, Gandarayan, Atis, Kuth, Black cumin and other herbs are being cultivated on a commercial scale. The famous Panchachuli mountain is present in the Darma valley, at whose foothills the villages of Darma Valley are situated.

ND Joshi, master trainer of Pithoragarh’s Herbal Research Institute, told that in 2009 a survey was done for the cultivation of medicinal plants in this area. At that time the people of this place had less inclination towards the cultivation of herbs. The people here were inspired to produce herbs by providing plants by the institute, as a result of which today the villages here are known for the cultivation of herbs, due to which the villagers have got better means of income. Cultivation of herbs has emerged as the main occupation of the people of high Himalayan regions.

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