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Pithoragarh: The rural areas of Pithoragarh are suffering due to rain, if the patients reaching the hospital in Doli…

Report – Himanshu Joshi

Pithoragarh. Even today in Pithoragarh, the marginal district of Uttarakhand, the road has not reached in many rural areas and where the road has reached. After the rains in those areas, the condition of the road has become bad, due to which the villagers living here are bearing the brunt. The situation is that due to the closure of the road, patients are taken to the hospital with the help of doli. Whereas due to not getting immediate treatment in emergency, it has proved to be fatal many times. Due to non-opening of closed rural roads after the rains, children are also facing a lot of problems in going to school.

The villagers of Khumti village of Dharchula are forced to carry patients on their backs to the hospital. Due to the lack of a bridge over the river here, people are carrying their children across the river on their shoulders. Gopal Singh, the village head of Khumti, told that he has repeatedly demanded the administration to fix the arrangements, but till now no action has been taken in this regard, due to which the population of about 1200 living here is being affected. He has demanded from the administration for alternate bridges on the rivers and streams and to correct the damaged roads.

Due to increasing incidents of landslides on the road connecting Kantebora village of Moonakote block, the road here remained closed, due to which people here also took the patients to the hospital with the help of doli. At present, the road has been opened here, but due to frequent landslides, there is a danger to the houses living near the road.

The villagers here say that after the road cutting, cracks have come on the hill at many places, due to which landslides are happening here every year. At the same time, after apprising Pithoragarh District Magistrate Dr. Ashish Chauhan about these problems, he has said to make all possible efforts to connect rural areas with road connectivity.

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