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PM Modi announces ‘Parvamala Project’, focus will be on connectivity-infra in difficult areas

Chamoli: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his Uttarakhand visit today first performed darshan at Kedarnath Dham then at Badrinath Dham and laid the foundation stone for development projects worth Rs 3400 crore, including ropeway project in Kedarnath and Badrinath and road in Mana, the last village of India in Chamoli district. Projects included. PM Modi made a big announcement while addressing the local people in Mana. He said that just as Bharatmala and Sagarmala projects are going on in the country, similarly the Parvatmala project is also going to be launched. PM Modi said, ‘A few years ago, we started two big connectivity projects in the country, one Bharatmala, the other Sagarmala. Under Bharatmala, the border areas of the country are being connected with the best and widest highways. The connectivity of the country’s sea coasts is being strengthened under Sagarmala. We have done unprecedented expansion of border connectivity from Jammu and Kashmir to Arunachal Pradesh in the last 8 years.

PM Modi’s address in Mana Village, said – ‘Every village on the border of the country is the first village for me’

The PM further said, ‘Since 2014, the Border Road Organization has constructed about 7000 km of new roads, built hundreds of new bridges. Many important tunnels have been constructed. There was a time when even the construction of a road along the border had to take approval from Delhi. We not only ended this compulsion, but also emphasized on building good roads, fast roads along the border. Now in order to further improve the connectivity of the hill states, we have especially like Sagarmala, Bharatmala, in the same way the work of mountain ranges is going to move forward. Under this, a huge network of ropeways has started in Uttarakhand and Himachal. When we hear the name of the border here, this is what comes to mind, there will be only military companions, everything else will be deserted. But we have to change this perception and work for it on the ground. There should be increased activity in our border villages. There development should be a celebration of life. This is what we are trying. I say that those who have left their villages, should they feel like returning, such villages have to be built.

PM Modi in Badrinath: PM reached Mana, the last village of India, laid the foundation stone of the ropeway project

Prime Minister Modi said that earlier the areas which were ignored as the end of the country’s borders, we started work from there as the beginning of prosperity. Knowing earlier the last village of the country which was neglected, we focused on the expectations of the people there. Earlier, those whose contribution was not given importance in the development of the country, we took a pledge to move towards the great goals of progress by taking them along. The sound of a train train on the green hills of the Himalayas will write a new story of Uttarakhand’s development. Dehradun airport is also now serving in a new avatar. Modern connectivity is also a guarantee of national defense. That is why for the last 8 years we are taking one step after the other in this direction. Under Bharatmala, the border areas of the country are being connected with the best and widest highways. The connectivity of its sea shores is being strengthened with Sagarmala. Now the focus will be on promoting connectivity, infrastructure from mountain ranges to hilly areas and inaccessible areas.

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