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PM Modi in Bhilwara: What did the PM put in the envelope in the donation box? The discussion is also whether the President will come now!

Bhilwara. The discussion of Prime Minister Narendra’s tour on the incarnation festival of Lord Devnarayan in Malaseri Dungri is still going on in the area. Meanwhile, the big news is that after a few months the President can also come here. Chief priest Hemraj Poswal told that on the occasion of Bhadvi Chhath, efforts will be made that the President should visit here. Right now political discussions are going on among the people regarding PM Modi’s visit. Here, the people associated with the temple and the local Gujjar community It is curious that what PM Narendra Modi had put in the donation box after visiting the temple.

In fact, the PM participated in the program held in the temple on 28 January on the 1111th incarnation day of Lord Devnarayan. During this he addressed a religious assembly. before this After visiting the temple, the PM made an offering of Rs 1111 in the donation box. Along with this offering, the PM had also put a sealed envelope in the donation box. Now people are discussing what was in this sealed envelope. Although, apart from the PM, no one knows the secret for sure, but people are speculating.

The donation box of the temple is opened only on special occasions. Hemraj Poswal, the chief priest of the temple, is also curious as to what is in that envelope. He told that after six months Bhadavi Chhath festival will be organized at Malaseri Dungri. Before the festival, the donation box will be opened only in the presence of the temple committee. He told that before the donation box is opened, it will remain a mystery as to what is in it. The members of the temple committee hoped that there could be some big announcement related to the temple in that envelope.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : January 31, 2023, 07:56 IST

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