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PM Modi laid the foundation stone of the airbase, said- India will become a major manufacturer of transport aircraft

Vadodara. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said that India will now become a major manufacturer of transport aircraft after laying the foundation stone for the manufacturing facility of C-295 medium transport aircraft for the Indian Air Force. Modi said India is witnessing rapid economic growth in sectors including manufacturing as the policies of the current government are “stable, predictable and forward-looking”. Addressing the function organized in Vadodara, Gujarat, the Prime Minister said, “Today India is working with a new thinking and a new work culture.”

Modi said the manufacturing of the C-295 aircraft in Vadodara would not only give strength to the army but would also create an aerospace ecosystem. At the same time, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh described this occasion as a milestone in India’s aspiration to become self-reliant in the defense sector. The production of these aircraft will be a collaboration of Tata Group and European aerospace company Airbus. This is the first project of its kind in the country in which a military aircraft will be manufactured by a private company. These medium-sized transport aircraft to be built at this plant will be supplied to the Indian Air Force. Apart from this, these aircraft will also be sent to foreign markets.

16 aircraft to be handed over within four years
In September last year, India signed a Rs 21,935-crore agreement with major aircraft manufacturer Airbus Defense and Space for the purchase of 56 C-295 aircraft from Airbus to replace the Air Force’s obsolete transport aircraft Avro-748. There was a provision. Under this agreement, Airbus will hand over 16 aircraft from its assembly unit in Seville, Spain, to India within four years in fully ready condition. The remaining 40 aircraft will be built in India in collaboration with Tata Advanced Systems Limited (TASL).

39 aircraft to be built by 2031
According to the agreement, 16 aircraft ready for flight will be handed over to the Indian Air Force between September 2023 and August 2025. At the same time, the first C-295 aircraft to be made locally in India is likely to be ready by September 2026 at the Vadodara manufacturing plant. The remaining 39 aircraft are targeted to be built by August 2031. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia and Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel also attended the program to lay the foundation stone of this aircraft manufacturing plant of Tata Group and Airbus.

Indian Air Force officials said that the aircraft built at this plant will be able to take off from improvised airstrips in addition to advanced landing grounds. All C-295 aircraft received by the Indian Air Force will be equipped with indigenous electronic warfare system, which will be jointly developed by Bharat Electronics Limited and Bharat Dynamics Limited. This medium transport aircraft of Airbus will be made in a country outside Europe for the first time.

After supplying the 56 aircraft earmarked for the Indian Air Force, Airbus will be allowed to sell the aircraft manufactured at this plant to civilian aircraft operators in other countries as well. However, before the approval of these aircraft in other countries, Airbus will have to get approval from the Government of India. On this occasion, Defense Secretary Ajay Kumar said that maximum indigenous equipment will be used in the manufacture of this aircraft. He said that Airbus will be able to do about 96 percent of the production work of its overseas plant at the Vadodara plant.

The maximum speed of the aircraft is 480 kmph
The C-295MW is a 5-10 tonne transport aircraft with contemporary technology. The maximum speed of the aircraft is 480 kmph. It gets a rear ramp door for quick action and para-dropping of troops and baggage. Its ‘short take-off’ and ‘landing’ from the half-finished runway is another feature. The aircraft will be useful in strengthening the logistics capabilities of the Indian Air Force. Officials said the project provides a unique opportunity to the Indian private sector to enter the technology-intensive and highly competitive aviation industry.

Aircraft related parts will be manufactured in India
The Defense Ministry said that more than 13,400 parts, 4,600 sub-assemblies and all seven major component assemblies of the aircraft will be manufactured in India. The ministry said various systems such as engines, landing gear and avionics will be provided by Airbus Defense and Space and will be fitted to the aircraft by the Tata consortium. With proven capability to operate from short or semi-finished airstrips, the C-295 is used for tactical transport of 71 soldiers or 50 paratroopers and for logistical operations in locations that are currently unavailable for heavy aircraft. are not accessible.

Airdrops may be used to airdrop paratroops and cargo
The aircraft can airdrop paratroops and load material, and can also be used for casualty or medical evacuation. The aircraft is capable of carrying out special missions as well as disaster response and maritime patrol obligations. The aircraft will be tested as an integrated system by the Tata consortium. The aircraft will be flight tested and delivered through a distribution center at the Tata Consortium facility.

About 240 engineers will be trained in Spain
The project is expected to create 600 highly skilled jobs directly, over 3,000 indirect jobs and 3000 additional medium-skill level jobs with over 42.5 lakh man-hours in the aerospace and defense sectors. About 240 engineers will be trained for the project at an Airbus facility in Spain.

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