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PM Modi remembered the Kashmir of 90, said – Threats were received at Lal Chowk, who drank mother’s milk…

New Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM Narendra Modi) said in the Lok Sabha on Wednesday that those who have recently come to Lal Chowk to hoist the tricolor must have seen how today you can move around without any hindrance. Remembering the 90s, he said that I had also gone. Had come out with a resolution to hoist the flag at Lal Chowk, then the terrorists had put up posters in protest. Then we had said that we will also see who has drunk his mother’s milk, who will stop us. We will come without bullet proof jackets and hoist the tricolor.

PM Modi said that someone had said then that when the flag is hoisted on Republic Day, there is a display of armaments, salute is given. We had said that when we are hoisting the tricolor, even the gunpowder of the enemy country is saluting us. He said that those who used to call the tricolor a threat to peace, are also participating in the Tiranga Yatra today. Today cinema halls are running in Srinagar and are running housefull.

Desperate people who dream of power need introspection
Attacking Rahul Gandhi without naming him, PM Modi said that the people who dream of power need self-reflection. Those who used to sit here yesterday, today they failed even after going there and the country is moving forward at a fast pace. Today the country is also exporting in the defense sector. Today 109 unicorns have been made in the country. Quoting Kaka Hathrasi, he said that whatever one thinks, that is what he will see. Some people are disappointed. This disappointment also did not come just like that. One is the order of the public, order again and again. He said that before 2014 the economy turned sour, inflation remained in double digit. Something good happens and disappointment emerges and comes to the fore.

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