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PM Modi said in Ahmedabad – the picture is clear only after the first phase of voting, know what else he said

PM Modi Gujarat Rally: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has entered the BJP’s mega campaign for the Gujarat Assembly elections, addressed a public meeting on Friday (December 2) after a roadshow in Ahmedabad. During this, PM Modi said that the people of Gujarat told in the first phase itself that BJP is winning. PM Modi targeted the Congress from the rally. He said that Congress is constantly attacking EVMs.

While addressing the public meeting, PM Modi enumerated the achievements of BJP rule and also told that in which matters Gujarat is number one. PM Modi said, “We have completed 75 years of independence. After independence, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel had united the princely states. Gujarat model is discussed. Gujarat is ahead in many parameters of development. Gujarat is number one in salt production. The world’s largest stadium is in Gujarat. Most of the diamonds in the world are polished in Gujarat. Gujarat is number one in terms of exports.

PM Modi said that in the name of development, the health of the Congress deteriorates. He said that the Congress had harmed the country’s economy. The PM said, “There is a difference between the Congress and the BJP government. Family first in Congress, country first for BJP.”

PM Modi said that when there was a terrorist incident during the Congress government, help was sought from other countries. If there is an attack today, the army is ready to respond. We kill the terrorists by entering the house. With this, PM Modi said that America, England, Europe, Canada… does India’s sting ring or not? How does all this happen? The voice came from the public ‘Modi-Modi’, on this the PM said, “It is not Modi but the power of your vote.”

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