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PM Modi to inaugurate CVC’s new complaint management portal, will be held in Vigyan Bhawan

Inaguration Of CVC Meeting: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the program organized on Vigilance Awareness Week on the occasion of Central Vigilance Commission at Vigyan Bhawan at 11 am on Thursday (November 3). On this occasion, the Prime Minister CVC said that he will launch the Grievance Management System Portal.

The portal is envisaged to provide end-to-end information to citizens about the status of their grievances through regular updates. The Prime Minister said that he would release a series of illustrated booklets on Ethics and Good Behavior which is a compilation of best practices about preventive vigilance.

Which meeting is organized every year by Vigilance Commission?
Apart from this, he will also release a special issue of Vijay-Vani on public procurement. The Central Vigilance Commission organizes Vigilance Awareness Week every year to bring together all the stakeholders to spread the message of unity in all walks of life.

Which programs will be organized?
This year it is being celebrated from 31 October to 6 November with the theme Corruption Free India for a Developed Nation. The Prime Minister will also give prizes to five students who wrote the best essay during a nationwide essay competition organized by the CVC on the above topic of Vigilance Awareness Week.

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