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PM Modi to visit Ayodhya today for Deepotsav celebrations – Fast Hindi News

New Delhi: The Prime Minister will visit Ayodhya on Sunday after having darshan of Ujjain Baba Kedarnath and Swami Badrinarayan in Mahakal city. He will visit Ayodhya, the birth place of Lord Rama, on the eve of Diwali for the Deepotsav celebrations. The sixth iteration of Deepotsav is taking place this year, and the Prime Minister will personally participate in the festival for the first time. At around 5 pm, PM Modi will have darshan and worship of Lord Shri Ramlala Virajman.

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After the prayer session, PM Modi will visit Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra.

“He will perform the coronation of symbolic Lord Shri Ram at around 5:45. The Prime Minister will attend the aarti at New Ghat on the Saryu River at around 6:30 pm, and then the major Deepotsav celebrations will begin” take a look at the official statement of the PMO.

This Diwali, Ayodhya is decorated with “Ramayan gates” and tableaus that reflect the spirit of “Tretayuga” to try to recreate the atmosphere of the Ramayana period. More than 15 lakh diyas will be lit on this day. Five animated floats and eleven Ramlila floats with different dance forms from different states will also be put up during the Deepotsav. Apart from these, the Prime Minister will also enjoy the Grand Musical Laser Show as well as the 3-D Holographic Projection Mapping Show at Ram Ki Paidi on the banks of river Saryu.

He said, “With Diwali approaching, the preparations have intensified. For Deepotsav from Ayodhya Highway to Nayaghat, 30 different types of welcome gates with different names are being prepared.

Some of the reception gates are named “Ram Setu Dwar” and “Bharat Dwar” respectively. Every mythological figure associated with Rama, including Sita Dwar, Shabari Dwar, Ahilya Dwar, Jatayu Dwar, Hanuman Dwar and Lavakush Dwar, has its own gate.

According to the statement, a selfie spot has been made near the idols of Lord Rama, Sita, Lakshman, Bharat, Shatrughan and Hanuman on the foot of Ram.

Graphics depicting the return of Lord Ram from Lanka to Ayodhya by Pushpak Vimana are also being made in an effort to educate the younger generation.

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