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PM Modi’s school will become an inspiration center for children, ASI has prepared


The renovation work of the school started in 2018.
The initiative aims to inspire Indians in all districts, starting from Vadnagar

New Delhi. The heritage school in Gujarat’s Vadnagar where Prime Minister Narendra Modi did his early education has been renovated and is being redeveloped under Project ‘Prerna’. The purpose of redevelopment of the school under ‘Prerna’ project is that this school should work as an inspiration center for the children. Built in the late nineteenth century, this school has been renovated by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) in an old architectural style.

Based on the Prime Minister’s vision, sources said, “a first-of-its-kind school redevelopment project ‘Prerna: The Vernacular School’ is being launched to inspire the youth of the country to become catalysts of change.” He said that the architectural restoration and redevelopment of the old school is part of a comprehensive and larger redevelopment plan for the historic city of Vadnagar. A source said, “The program is expected to start later this year. Two students from each district of the country will be a part of this program. There will be 30 students in each group, which will cover 15 districts and under this all 750 districts will be covered in 50 weeks.

Renovation work started in 2018
The source added that this “experiential school” will provide a “unparalleled education”. The source said it will use both non-conventional and technology-based means to impart value-based education to children and inspire them to become catalysts of change in the future. The source said that the primary objective of this initiative is to motivate Indians in all the districts, starting from Vadnagar. Regarding the school building, the source said that its renovation work started in 2018.

The old building will be renovated architecturally
“The old building has been renovated using vernacular elements of architecture and a visualization of the original building,” said the source. Vadnagar, a historic town with a population of about 28,000, in Gujarat’s Mehsana district, about 100 km from Ahmedabad, is The city is.

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