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PM Modi’s statement on the passing of the Criminal Law Bill by Parliament – ‘Beginning of a new era’

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PM Modi spoke on passing of the Criminal Law Bill.

A lot of changes are going to be seen in the criminal laws of India soon. All three criminal law bills, namely the Indian Justice Code, the Indian Civil Defense Code and the Indian Evidence Act, have been passed by the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha. Now these will become laws as soon as they get the President’s approval. The Union Home Minister has given information regarding these laws in both the houses. Now the country’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also expressed happiness over the passing of the bill related to these laws.

crimes will be dealt with harshly

PM Modi wrote on his He said that these bills strike hard at organized crime, terrorism and other crimes that strike at the root of our peaceful journey of progress. Through these, we have also said goodbye to the old sections of treason.

Proof of India’s commitment

PM Modi has written that these transformative bills are proof of India’s commitment towards reform. These Bills bring our legal, policing and investigation systems into the modern era by focusing on technology and forensic science. These Bills ensure enhanced protection for the poor, marginalized and vulnerable sections of our society.

Beginning of a new era- PM Modi

PM Modi has written that the passage of the Indian Civil Defense Code 2023, the Indian Justice Code 2023 and the Indian Evidence Act 2023 is an important moment in our history. These bills mark the end of colonial era laws. A new era begins with these laws focused on public service and welfare.

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