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PM Narendra Modi Birthday: This is my style… PM Narendra Modi was seen in this amazing dress on his birthday

Black glasses in PM’s eyes, splendid head on his head

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday released cheetahs brought from Namibia into a special enclosure at the Kuno National Park in Madhya Pradesh. During this, PM Modi was seen wearing head on head, waistcoat over shirt and black glasses in his eyes. On this occasion, Modi was also seen taking some pictures of cheetahs with his professional camera.

A slanted swag on Khadi’s kurta… PM’s unique style

In Madhya Pradesh, Prime Minister Narendra Modi participated in the Sheopur Mahila Self Help Group conference and inaugurated development centers. During this, PM Modi had put a khadi kurta pajama and a slant sling around his neck. Perhaps you have seen such a look of PM Modi for the first time.

White kurta and designer waistcoat worn at the convocation

Addressing the skill convocation ceremony of ITI, PM Narendra Modi wore a white kurta and designer waistcoat. During this, the PM said, ‘The first ITI in the country was made in 1950. In the following seven decades, 10 thousand ITI’s were formed. In the 8 years of our government, about 5 thousand new ITIs have been created in the country.

White kurta pajama and tall stall, PM’s amazing Indian look

On the occasion of his birthday, PM Modi also launched the National Logistics Policy. On this occasion, PM Modi was wearing a white kurta pajama and had put a long stall around his neck. PM Modi’s stunning Indian look was seen in this dress code.



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