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PM Narendra Modi can visit Ayodhya on December 30, CM Yogi gave instructions

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Possible visit of PM Narendra Modi to Ayodhya on December 30

The grand Ram temple of Lord Ram in Ayodhya is almost ready. Ramlala’s life will be consecrated on 22 January. Ramlala’s life will be consecrated at the hands of PM Narendra Modi. Meanwhile, PM Narendra Modi can visit Ayodhya on December 30. It is expected that PM Modi will visit Ayodhya during this period and will gift projects worth thousands of crores to Ayodhya. According to CM Yogi Adityanath, during PM Modi’s possible visit to Ayodhya, Ayodhya will be decorated according to the glory of Tretayugin. Let us tell you that CM Yogi Adityanath reviewed the preparations in view of PM Modi’s visit and discussed with the saints. Issuing the order, CM Yogi said that attention should be paid to cleanliness in Ayodhya and additional sanitation workers should be deployed.

Ayodhya is getting ready before PM Modi’s visit

In view of PM Modi’s visit, CM Yogi directed that security should be impenetrable, a concrete action plan should be made for traffic management. Be it a guest or the general public, no one should be inconvenienced. The behavior of government and police employees with guests and devotees should be ideal. Regarding PM Modi’s arrival in Ayodhya, CM Yogi directed that Ayodhya should be decorated according to the splendor of Treta Yuga. Entire Ayodhya should be Rammay. of Ayodhya

All the monasteries and temples should be decorated and grand arches should be constructed. He said that the work on Rampath, Bhakti Path, Janmabhoomi Path and Dharampath and the roads connecting Ayodhya Airport bypass to Nayaghat will be completed quickly.

CM Yogi Adityanath gave instructions

CM Yogi said in his order that the people of Ayodhya are eager to welcome Prime Minister Modi. In such a situation, their full cooperation should be taken and guidance of sages and saints should be obtained. Also, PM Modi should be felicitated by paying flowers. Let us tell you that during this period, Dharampath coming from the highway towards Nayaghat will also be decorated and made attractive. The road from airport to Nayaghat will be decorated with flowers. The railing of Ayodhya bypass on National Highway Lucknow-Gorakhpur will be painted in attractive colours. This visit of PM Modi is possible. In such a situation, PM Modi can gift Ayodhya projects built at a cost of more than Rs 30 thousand crores.

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