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PM Narendra Modi inaugurates BJP office extension, research center, guest house in it

New Delhi. BJP has given a grand look to the central office extension, which was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday. This entire complex has been completed in 1 lakh 86 thousand square feet. This complex has been completed under the leadership of BJP President JP Nadda. A total of 4 buildings have been built in this complex built on more than 2 acres. In which the first building has been built for the state-of-the-art research center. The second building is named Guest House and the third building is named as Residential Complex. There will be auditoriums in the fourth and main building.

The research center built in this campus will be in a 7-storey building. A total of 7 floors have been made in this. Arrangements have been made to seat 32 people on each floor, that means 224 people can sit together and do research work in this entire research center. Through this research center, BJP can do research on political or other field activities. This research center will do research not only on the country but also on foreign political, history and other related subjects. Work will be done on different aspects of politics going on abroad as well as on the activities of opposition political parties, as well as on the knowledge, behavior, trends of voters etc. of the concerned leaders.

Arrangement for simultaneous stay of 116 people in the guest house
Expert youth will be given preference for this research center. Along with this, another 7-storey building has also been made, which has been made a guest house. In this, arrangements will be made for the organization ministers or prominent leaders of other states coming from outside to stay. On the first floor, there is accommodation for 20 people and from the second floor to the seventh floor, arrangements have been made for 16-16 people to stay and stay. A total of 116 people can stay together in this guest house.

Accommodation for preachers in the residential complex
The third building has been made a residential complex. In this, those pracharaks of the Sangh have been given a place to stay, who are working as BJP’s organization ministers. In this, accommodation has been given to BJP’s National Organization Minister BL Santosh, National Co-Organization Minister Shiv Prakash, National General Secretary Sunil Bansal, National Organizer V Satish, National Vice President Saudan Singh, Pradyuman Kumar. It also has 7 floors. 12 flats have been made on its 6 floors and 2 conference halls have been made on 1 floor.

Auditorium in the main building and modern gym on the ground floor
The main building i.e. the fourth building is the biggest building among all. Auditoriums have been made in it. Three small auditoriums have been made on its ground floor. In which the first auditorium has a capacity of 100 seats, while the second and third auditorium have a capacity of 72-72 seats. The main auditorium has been built on its first floor, which has a capacity of 765 seats. It is believed that big and important meetings like the National Executive of BJP to be held in Delhi will be held in this auditorium. Apart from this, a big restaurant has been built and the special thing is that keeping in mind the campaign of Prime Minister Narendra Modi for a healthy India, a large state-of-the-art gym has also been built on its ground floor, in which there will be a special arrangement for yoga. .

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