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PM Narendra Modi’s advice to the ministers – take the work of the government from door to door

New Delhi. The Council of Ministers meeting was held under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday before the budget session. All the ministers of the Modi government participated in this meeting. In the meeting, PM Modi advised all the ministers to make the work of the central government accessible to the common people. The PM told all the ministers that the schemes of the government should be taken to every house and the work of their own ministry should also be publicised. The Prime Minister has advised the ministers that through social media, the central ministers should inform the people about the work of their ministry.

The Prime Minister has also talked about promoting the G-20 program fiercely. He has said that the chairmanship of G20 is a big achievement for India, this thing should be conveyed to the people. Participate actively in the programs fixed for this and it should also be publicised. The PM has asked to publicize the country’s social and cultural achievements in the meeting of the Council of Ministers. The PM emphasized that the achievements of poor welfare schemes should be better conveyed to the people.

According to sources, in the meeting of the Council of Ministers, the cabinet secretary gave a presentation of the schemes and all the decisions of the Modi government from 2014 till now. Information Broadcasting Secretary gave a presentation on how to publicize the government’s work and decisions through social media.

The DEPT Secretary gave information about all the schemes so far, gave an update of the schemes and projects, where the work has reached and when the project will be completed.

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